Cadaver Tombs

Church of ??, Spixworth, Norfolk.

Photograph: Peter Fairweather. Spixworth near Norwich, Norfolk. Photographs by P.Fairweather. Taken 19-Jul-1986.

Monument to William and Alice Peck, 1635

Although these effigies are not the normal emaciated figures one sees from the 15th century, they are nevertheless effigies representing the dead in their shrouds. This monument by Edward Marshel is to William Peck who died in 1635 and his wife Alice. These two full sized effigies lie recumbent with her below and a little in front of him.They both have their faces uncovered and just look as though they are sleeping. There are two very large cherubs lounging with their arms resting on skulls on the scrolly pedimentabove. Between the cherubs is a cartouche of arms with a helm complete with mantling and crest.



The female effigy has been quite badly damaged and in parts quite crudely repaired.The canopy is failing and there appears to be other damage caused by the rusting of the iron cramps.

This named mason Edward Marshal worked under Nicholas Stone and became free of the Mason's Company in 1626 and of the Livery in 1631-1632. He was master of the Mason's Company twice and appointed in 1660 as Master Mason to the Crown. His yard was in Fetter Lane. London.



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