Cadaver Tombs

Church of St Mary Magdalene Sherborne, Gloucestershire.

Photograph: Peter Fairweather.

This monument in The Church of St Mary Magdalene Sherborne, Gloucestershire is by Richard Westmacott the Elder, 1791. It is to James Lennox Dutton Esq. and Jane his second wife.

I have deliberately used this coloured photograph to show how I first saw it in 1982 with the eery natural light illustrating the details of "The Guardian Angel Tramples Death Under foot" - and death seems to be enjoying the experience!! I have included a better picture for more detail taken with some decent lighting.

Photograph: Peter Fairweather

The reason that this is one of my favourite monuments is partly the way he has portrayed the Figure of death looking on his attacker and the distinct way that the carver has shown the naked body of a buxom female form seen through a 'shift.' All of the detail including even the navel can be seen, also the marvellous feather detail on the Angel wings - and this in a piece of white marble.!!



Monument to John Dutton

centre panel:
of Sherborne in Gloucestershire Esq. son of William Dutton
& Anne ye daughter of Ambrose Nicholas of London Kt.
A person of sharp understanding & cleer judgement every way
capable of those eminent services for his countrey which he
underwent as a knight of ye shire in severall parliaments
and as a Deputy Leiftenant
one who was master of a large fortune,
and owner of a mind AEqual to it.
Noted for his great Hospitallity farr and neer;
and his charitable relief of ye poor.
Which makes his memory honour'd by ye best,
as his loss lamented by ye last.
He deceased in the year of his Age 63 & of ye Lord 1657
Jan 14.
left panel:
His first wife was Elizabeth Daughter of Sir Henry Bainton
of Brumham in Wiltshire by whom he had 1 son who dyed
young and three daughters wherof two only survived.
Elizabeth married to George Colt Esq and Lucy married
to Thomas Pope Earle of Downe. She deceased in ye
42 yeare of her age Ao Dm 1648 Apr 28.
right panel:
Ann His second wife fourth daughter of
John King Bishop of London Descended from the
Antient Saxon Kings of Deunshire was married
8 yeares unto whose care the erecting of this monument
was by will entrusted.

Monument Signed T. BURMAN SCULP LOND
Ao 1661

The date shown on John Duttons death as 1657 was
originally carved as 1656. The last 6 having been filled in
and the 7 cut over it.



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