Cadaver Tombs

Church of St Nicholas, Hurst, Berkshire.

Photograph: Peter Fairweather. 31-Jul-1989.


The hanging wall monument to Henry Barker Esq who died in 1651. Here the effigy is turned slightly towards the viewer and is dressed in a full length gown. He holds a book in his right hand and his left arm lies accross his chest. On the left sits a childlike figure with hands closed in prayer over three books (Book of life?).


Photograph: Peter Fairweather. 31-Jul-1989.

On his right sits the ever vigilant figure of Death with an Hour Glass in his left hand and originally in his right hand was his Dart poised to strike the mortal blow when the sands of time ran out. Death is of course the skeleton dressed in a loosely flowing shroud knotted just above his head.




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