Cadaver Tombs

St John's College Chapel, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire.

Photograph by P.Fairweather. 26-May-1990


This is a fine example of a cadaver monument of a style associated with 1420 to 1480. It is unfortunate however that the two effigies cannot be clearly seen because of the Hearse railings in front of it. We shall be pleased to get any better Photographic examples of these.

Dr Hugh Ashton. Died 1522. Archdeacon of Winchester. Archdeacon of Cornwall. Archdeacon of The West Riding of Yorkshire. Chancellor of Durham. Rector of Grasmere Westmoreland. A Fellow and Great Benefactor of St John's College. Cambridge. Comptroller to Lady Margaret Beaufort. A native of Lancashire & buried in York Minster.

With all of these paying positions no wonder he could afford be a "Great Benefactor".




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