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Alkborough, Lincolnshire.

The Church of St. John the Baptist.


The Church of St. John the Baptist.

A close little village on the edge of Lincoln Edge looking down on the confluence of the Ouse and the Trent where they form the Humber.

The church of St John The Baptist. This has a Saxo-Norman tower to the west and in 1887 the church was much restored by John Oldrid Scot who built the chancel in the Early English Style but unusually he left the Georgian ceilings intact. He also built the wooden south porch which has a pattern of a maze in the floor. The shaft of the churchyard cross which is very worn has for years been used as a sharpening stone. South west of the church is a turf maze which is very similar to the one in the church porch. This was first recorded in 1697 and is known locally as Julian’s Bower.


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