Reverend J Redmond.

Rev Johnston Redmond, Padre with 1st Inf Btn, AIF Left:

The Reverend Johnston Redmond. A close-up from the photograph found with the Communion Set.




The Reverend J Redmond with officers of 1st Infantry Battallion A.I.F. (Australian Infantry Force ??) circa 1917-18. He is to be found centre of the back row in this official war photograph, and should be easily recognisable from the above close-up.

The officer (with moustache) in the middle of the front row was Colonel Stacy "-a good soldier" and was their C.O. "He was a lawyer. He came to see me (with his wife) at Owmby-By-Spital in 1954 or '55 -J.R."

A larger picture of this group is available to download (warning 200+ kByte).




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