Lincoln Cathedral Chapter House Cross Replacement 1948

This cross, made of lead with an oak core, was erected to replace the one blown down in 1947, exactly one hundred years to the day since the previous one was also blown down. A photograph was taken of the men involved in this replacement; the young lad kneeling on the left is my brother Jack, then an apprentice mason at the cathedral, now a master mason. Fred Higgins, then master mason, succeeded Mr Godfrey as Clerk of Works.

Left to Right, standing:

Fred Higgins, master mason; Jack Colershaw, labourer; Sid Croft, Plumber; Fred Strap, Plumber; Bill Croft, Bricklayer; Walt Toynbee, painter; Ted Thurston, joiner; Robert Godfrey CBE, Clerk of Works.

Left to Right, Kneeling:

Jack Fairweather, apprentice mason; Walter Boothby, Labourer.

Picture courtesy John Ivory.


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