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Memories RCA singles 1962-69
The Real Thing
Buddies with the Blues


F3557  Another Love Has Ended / Down on the Corner of Love (56)
F3686  Darlin’ Don’t / The Life of a Fool (56)
F3771  The Livin’ End / A Begger (57)

48010  Tender Years / Vampira (58)

F-835  The All American Boy / Rubber Dolly (58)
            Bill Parsons and His Orchestra (Bare did not sing on the B side)
F-848  Buddies with the Blues / Sputnik No 2 (59) *
F-861  I’m Hangin up my Rifle / That’s Where I Want to Be (59)
F-867  Sweet Singin’ Sam / More Than a Poor Boy Can Give (60)
F-871  Lynchin’ Party / No Letter From my Baby (60)
F-878  Book of Love / Lorena (61)
F-885  Island of Love / Sailor Man (61)
F-890  Zigzag Twist / Brooklyn Bridge (61)
F-892  That Mean Old Clock / The Day my Rainbow Fell (61)
          *Not in the Bear Family Boxed Set

47-8032  Shame on Me / Above and Beyond (62)
47-8083  I Don’t Believe I’ll Fall in Love Today / To Whom It May Concern   (62)
47-8146  I’d Fight the World / Dear Wastebasket (62)
47-8183  Detroit City / Heart of Ice (63)
47-8238  500 miles Away from Home / It all Depends on Linda (63)
47-8294  Miller’s  Cave / Jeannie’s Last Kiss (63)
47-8358  Have I Stayed Away Too Long / More Than a Poor Boy Can Give (64)
47-8395  He Was a Friend of Mine / When I’m Gone (64)
47-8443  Four Strong Winds / Take me Home (64)
47-9612  Alle glauben, dass ich gluecklick bin / Rosalie (64) (G)
47-8496  Too Used to Being with You / A Dear John Letter (Skeeter Davis) (65)
47-8509  Times are Getting Hard / One Day at a Time (65)
47-8571  It’s Alright / She Picked a Perfect Day (65)
47-8654  Just to Satisfy You / Memories (65)
47-8699  Delia’s Gone / Talk me Some Sense (65)
47-8758  The Long Black Veil / In the Same Old Way (65)
47-9542  Abilene / Sailer Man (65) (G)
47-9645  Das Haus auf der Sierra / Wilder Wolf und Brauner Bar (65) (G)
47-9685  Molly Brown / Good Old Tennessee (65) (G)
47-8851  The Streets of Baltimore / She Took My Sunshine Away (66)
47-8963  The Game of Triangles / Bye Bye, Love (L.Anderson & N. Jean) (66)
47-8988  Homesick / Guess I’ll Move on Down the Line (66)
47-9098  Charleston Railroad Tavern / Vincennes (67)
47-9191  Come Kiss me Love / Sandy’s Crying Again (67)
47-9229  Chet’s Tune / (All the RCA stable of artist sang on this tribute to Chet Atkins each
                sang one line including Bobby Bare) (67)
47-9314  The Piney Wood Hills / They Covered up the Old Swimmin’ Hole (67)
47-9450  Find out What’s Happening / When am I Ever Gonna Settle Down (68)
47-9568  A Little bit Later on Down the Line / Don’t Do Like I Done Son (68)
47-9643  The Town That Broke My Heart / My Baby (68)
47-9789  Your Husband, My Wife / Before the Sunrise (69)
74-0110  (Margie’s at) The Lincoln Park Inn / Rainy Day in Richmond (69)
74-0202  Which One Will It Be / My Frame of Mind (69)
74-0264  God Bless America Again / Baby, What Else Can I Do (69)
                (G) = Released in Germany

73097  How I Got to Memphis / It’s Freezing in El Paso (70)
73148  Come Sundown / Woman, You Have Been a Friend to Me (70)
73203  Where Have all the Seasons Gone / Please Don’t Tell Me How the Story Ends (71)
73236  Short and Sweet / A Million Miles to the City (71)
73279  What am I Gonna Do? / Love Forever (72)
73317  Sylvia’s Mother / Music City U.S.A. (72)
Rice 5057  Dropping Out of Sight / Christian Soldier (73)
Rice 5060  Love Forever / A Million Miles to the City (73)
Rice 5066  I Took a Memory to Lunch / It's Freezing in EL Paso (74)

74-0866  I Hate Goodbyes / Fallin’ Apart (72)
74-0918  Ride Me Down Easy / A Train That Never Runs (73)
APBO-0063  You Know Who / Send Tomorrow To The Moon (73)
APBO-0197  Daddy What If / Restless Wind (73)
APBO-0261  Marie Laveau / The Mermaid (74)
PB-10096  Singin’ in the Kitchen / You Are (74)
PB-10223  Back in Huntsville Again / Warm and Free (75)
PB-10318  Alimony / Daddy’s Been Around the House Too Long (75)
PB-10409  Cowboys and Daddys / High Plains Jamboree (75)
PB-10556  The Winner / Up Against the Wall Red Neck Mother (75)
PB-10718  Put a Little Lovin’ on Me / Those City Lights (76)
PB-10790  Drop Kick Me, Jesus / Baby Wants to Boogie (76)
PB-10852  Vegas / The Shelter of Your Eyes (Bobby and Jeannie Bare) (76)
PB-10902  Look Who I’m Cheating on Tonight / If You Think I’m Crazy Now (77)
PB-11037  Red-Neck Hippie Romance / Bottom Dollar (77)
PB-11673  Hurricane Shirley / Crazy Arms (Willie Nelson only) (77)

3-10690    Too Many Nights Alone / Yard Full of Rusty Cars (78)
3-10831    Sleep Tight, Good Night Man / Hot Afternoon (78)
3-10891    Healin’ / Love is a Cold Wind (79)
3-10998    Till I Gain Control Again / I’ll Feel a Whole Lot Better (79)
1-11170    Numbers / When Hippies Get Older  (79)
1-11259    Tequila Sheila / Qualudas Again (80)
1-11365    Food Blues / Used Cars (80)
1-11408    Willie Jones / If That Ain’t Love (80)
A-1618     Tequila Sheila / Call Me The Breeze (80)
A-1783     Take Me as I Am / Call Me The Breeze (81)
18-02038  Learning to Live Again / Appaloosa Rider (81)
18-02414  Take Me as I Am / White Freight Liner Blues (81)
18-02577  Dropping Out of Sight / She is Gone (81)
18-02690  New Cut Road / Let Him Roll (81)
18-02895  If You Ain’t got Nothing / Golden Memories (82)
38-03149  (I’m not) A Candle in the Wind / Cold Day in Hell (82)
38-03334  Praise the Lord and Send me the Money / I’ve Been Rained on Too (82)
38-03809  The Jogger / Gravy Train (83)
38-04092  Diet Song / Stacy Brown Got Two (83)

P-B-8279  When I Get Home / The Party of the First Part (85)
P-B-8296  Reno and Me / The Party of the First Part (85)
P-B-8317  Wait Until Tomorrow / Better Not Look Down (86)
P-B-8333  Real Good / Wait Until Tomorrow (86)

BB 101    Detroit City / Ten
BB 102    Shame on Me / Marie Laveau
BB 103    500 Miles away From Home / Tequila Sheila
BB 104    Miller's Cave / All American Boy
BB 105    Four Strong Winds / The Jogger


447-0711  Detroit City / 500 Miles Away from Home (RCA re-issue)
0746         Millers Cave / Four Strong Winds (RCA re-issue)
03135       Numbers / New Cut Road (CBS re-issue)   

PB-10497   Where’d I Come From / Scarlet Ribbons (74) (not quite Bobby Bare
                   but Bobby JR. and Jeannie Bare) (produced by Bobby Bare)

 Southern Baptist (Feb 79) Flip side featuring Gino Vanelli
 MA1575   What’s it all About /…………….?

6790001-7 DJ   Heart of Nashville sung by "One Big Family"  (one line sung by Bobby Bare) 1985

A.M.I. 1328 AA   America's Missing Children / no B side  AMI records (1986)

 Duet with Rosanne Cash
1-11045   No Memories Hangin’ ‘Round / This Has Happened Before (R. Cash alone) (79)

 Bon Bowman & Friends (Bobby Bare, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson)
74-0133   Poor Old Ugly Gladys Jones / Boil Weevil Air Line (Bon Bowman only)

 Duet with Lacy J. Dalton
38-03628   It’s a Dirty Job / Caught in the Spot Light  (both with L. J. Dalton) (82)

 Duet with Donnie Bowser
   Another One of my Near Mrs. (Misses) / Another One of my Near Mrs.

 Duet with John Brack
Sp 13c 1764167  We Love The Same Girl EMI (1987)
s114 192  A Simple Goodbye   Ariola (90)



RCX-7139  Bobby Bare. Detroit City / 500 miles / I Don’t Believe I’ll Fall
                   in Love Today / I Wonder Where You are Tonight. (RCA) (63)
EPA 2835  Meet Bobby Bare. Gotta Travel On / Abilene / Worried Man Blues /
                   Sailor Man (63)
EP 20410  Game of Triangles / Bye Bye Love,/ One Among the Two of Us / 3 mixed
                  Up Hearts (Australia)
EP 20466  We’ll Sing in the Sunshine / I Love You / Out of Our Minds /
                  Together Again (Australia)
MEPL-16  Special radio cuts from "What am I Gonna Do" Just in Case / Lonely Street /
                  When I Want to Love a Lady / Lorena (Mercury) 72
AS 882     Gotta Get Rid of this Band / Bathroom Tissue Paper Letter / Drinkin’ and
                  Druggin’ and Watching TV / Food Blues (12” CBS promotional  disc) (80)
A1026      Never Been to Bed with an Ugly Women, Bathroom Tissue Paper, Numbers,
                  If That Ain't Love (80)

A13-1618  Tequila Sheila / Gotta Get Rid Of This Band / Call me The Breeze/
                  Sleep Tight Good Night Man. ( 12”CBS) (81)


JM-6026   Tender Years  (65)
SPS-115   Bobby in Song (65) (Sears label) identical album as above
                  but with a different cover picture.

LSP   2776  Detroit City and Other Hits (63)
LSP   2835  500 Miles Away From Home (63)
LSP   2955  Travelin’ Bare (64)
LSP   3336  Tunes For Two  (with Skeeter Davis) (65)
LSP   3395  Constant Sorrow (66)
LSP   3479  The Best of Bobby Bare (66)
LSP   3515  Talk me Some Sense (66)
LSP   3618  The Streets of Baltimore (66)
LSP   3688  This I Believe (67)
LSP   3764  The Game of Triangles (with Norma Jean & Liz Anderson) (67)
LSP   3831  A Bird Named Yesterday  (67)
LSP   3896  The English Country Side (with the Hillsiders) (67)
LSP   3994  Best of Bobby Bare Vol 2 (68)
CAS  2290  Folsom Prison Blues (68)
LSP   4177  (Margie’s at) The Lincoln Park Inn (69)
LSP   4335  Your Husband, My Wife (with Skeeter Davis) (70)
LSP   4422  The Real Thing (70)

SR 61290  This is Bare Country (70)
SR 61316  Where have all the Seasons Gone (71)
SR 61342  I Need Some Good News Bad (71)
SR 61363  What am I Gonna Do? (72)

APL1-0040  I Hate Goodbyes/Ride me Down Easy (73)
APL1-0700  Singin’in the Kitchen (74)
AFL1-0290  Lullabys, Legends And Lies (74)
APL1-0906  Hard Time Hungrys (75)
APL1-1222  Cowboys and Daddys (75)
APL1-1786  The Winner and other Losers (76)
APL1-2179  Me and McDill (77) 

KC 35314  BARE (78)
KC 35645  Sleeper Wherever I Fall (78)
JC  36323  Down and Dirty (80)
JC  36785  Drunk and Crazy (80)
FC 37157  AS IS (81)
FC 37719  Ain’t got Nothing to Lose (82)
FC 38670  Drinkin’ from the Bottle Singin’ from the Heart (83)

NH 101 Best of Bobby Bare
NH 102 Bobby Bare Sings Fishin' Songs (
contains rare recording of "Running Bear")
M-310006 Bobby Bare Sings Fishin' Songs on the Montana Label


LSA 3004        Best of Bobby Bare Vol 1 ( Re-issue of his album LSP 3479 with the
                        same front cover but with a different back (70)
CAS-2465       I'm a Long Way From Home (9 songs from RCA Camden) (71)
INTS 1261      I'm a Long Way From Home (11 songs from RCA Camden) (71) (G)  
INTS 1451      Memphis Tennessee (12 songs from RCA Camden) (73)
ACL1-0150     Memphis Tennessee ( 9  songs from RCA Camden) )73)
VPS-6090       This is Bobby Bare ( 2LPs A Mixture of his RCA Hits) (73)
DJLI-0079       Singin’ in the Kitchen. An RCA promotion one-sided LP with 8 songs (74)
ACL-7082       Singin’ in the Kitchen (10 songs taken from the main album) Pickwick
ANL 1-0560    Sunday MorninComin’ Down (9 songs from RCA) (75)
ACL-7003       500 Miles away from Home (same as LSP-2835 but with only 9 songs) (75)
ANL1-0560     Bobby Bare the Collector’s series (Australian Release)
PPL1-8085      Country Club series “The Hits of Bobby Bare” (76)
ACL-7045       Folsom Prison Blues (Same songs as CAS-2290 but with different covers)(77)
PL 42958 (2)   Famous Country Music-Makers (A Mixture of his RCA hits) (79)
DVL2-0390-2 True Living Legend of Bobby Bare (79)
INTS 5055      More Tunes For Two (with Skeeter Davis) same tracks as Your Husband My Wife (80)
AYL1-4118     Greatest Hits (10 songs) (81)
INTS 5187      20 of the Best Bobby Bare (A Mixture of his RCA hits) (82)
111 309. 7      Country Superstars 3. Original Hits (9 songs from early RCA hits) (82)
NL 89332       20 of the Best Bobby Bare (A Mixture of his RCA Hits) (Germany) (83)
AHL 1  5469   Collector’s Series. (85) 

CW 143                For the Good Times (A mixture of his Mercury hits) (74)
UA-LA621-G       This is Bare Country (11 songs United Artist ) (76)
INT 145.031         High and Dry (A mixture of his lesser known Mercury songs) (79)
INT 155.044         Starportrate Bobby Bare (A mixture of his Mercury hits) (81)
PR 5610                How The Story Ends (10 songs) (82)
UA-LA427-E        The Very Best of Bobby Bare (10 songs) (75)
UA-EAX27-1       The Very Best of Bobby Bare
CR 5153               City Boy Country Born (2LPs 28 songs) (84)
SUN 136               Bobby Bare Greatest Hits (Sun record release of Mercury recordings)
PR-5610               Test Pressing (9 songs)
111 309.7             Country Superstars 3 (9 songs from  the Mercury era)

LC 13           I Love Country (15 songs) (79)
FC 37351     Encore (A mixture of his hit on CBS) (81)
CBS 32303  Bobby Bare Biggest Hits (16 song) (82)
BT 16650    Bare Tracks CBS (8 songs) cassette only (82) not to be confused with the CD
C 38311      Bobby Bare Biggest Hits (same album as above with only 10 songs) (82)
P 16917      Country Classics (10 songs ) (83)
RR 1002     Country Classics (TV LP)  RICE (83)
CST028      Country Store Series (The Very Best of Bobby Bare) (14 songs) (86)
CBS 54950  I love Country (15 songs) The same album as LC 13 (85)

COLT 2001 The Best of Bobby Bare (20 songs) A re-recording of his hits circa 1986
                    but with one new recording Wolverton Mountain. (86)

BW040186  The Best of Bobby Bare (20 songs) The same tracking list as above but
                    this is a 2 LP album

SBR 1001    Merry Christmas from Bobby Bare (80)


LG 81-52         Live from Gilley's Westwood 1 air date 26/27 Dec 1981
LG 82-21         Live from Gilley's Westwood 1 air date 22/23 May 1982
LG 83-15         Live from Gilley's Westwood 1 air date 9/10 April 1983
LG 83-31         Live from Gilley's Westwood 1 air date 30/31 July 1983

LG 83-47         Live from Gilley's Westwood 1 air date 19 Nov 1983
LG 84-37         Live from Gilley's Westwood 1 air date     Sept 1984
LG 84-43         Live from Gilley's Westwood 1 air date  8 Sept 1984
LG 86-12         Live from Gilley's Westwood 1 air date 17 Mar 1986 (same as 84-37)
LG 87-02         Live from Gilley's Westwood 1 air date  5 Jan 1987
LG 87-44         Live from Gilley's Westwood 1 air date 26 Oct 1987
LG 88-49         Live from Gilley's Westwood 1 air date      Nov 1988

THE SILVER EAGLE (Cross Country Music Show)
DIR 005          Live concert Bobby Bare and Lacy J. Dalton
                        from the Exit/In Nashville Tennessee  5/23/81

DIR 009          Live concert Bobby Bare/Moe Bandy/Joe Stampley (The Best Of)
                        from the Exit/In Nashville Tennessee  5/23/81

DIR......           Live concert Bobby Bare
                        from Paradise Club, Boston, Mass.  5/8/82.

DIR                 Salute to Honkey Tonks & Concert Halls July 18, 1982
DIR......           Live concert   Bobby Bare
                        from   Chance, Poughkeepsie N.Y. 5/28/83
DIR…….        Live concert Bobby Bare and friends, Dickie Betts and Jimmy Hall
                        from Lone Star Cafe N.Y. 10/8/84

THE AMERICAN EAGLE (Cross Country Music Show)
DIR........         Live concert # 7 Bobby Bare
                        from The South Florida State Fair West Palm Beach (Jan 1986)

DIR........         Live concert # 7 Bobby Bare and the Forester Sisters 
                    from The South Florida State Fair West Palm Beach (Feb 1986)
DIR.......          Live  concert # 42 Bobby Bare
                        from The South Florida State Fair West Palm Beach (10/18/86)

No 209            Country Music Time Bobby Bare, Barbara Mandrell/Peggy Little
No 234            Country Music Time Bobby Bare, Jamie Ryan
No 238            Country Music Time Bobby Bare, Jack Green/Jeannie Seely
No 267            Country Music Time Bobby Bare, Penny DeHaven/Urel Albert
No 287            Country Music Time Bobby Bare / Sonny Wright, Peggy Sue   
No 435/436     Country Music Time with Jimmy Newman
No 469/470     Country Music Time with Jimmy Newman

No 521            Country Music Time Bobby Bare / Ernie Ashworth 1967
No 527/528     Country Music Time Bobby Bare / The Jordanaires
No 689            Country Music Time with Bill Anderson (81)
No 841            Country Music Time (82)

NH 70-11        Navy Hoedown (U.S. Navy Recruiting service)
NH 70-12        Navy Hoedown (U.S. Navy Recruiting service)
NH 70-13        Navy Hoedown (U.S. Navy Recruiting service)
NH 70-14        Navy Hoedown (U.S. Navy Recruiting service)
NH 73-33/34   Navy Hoedown (U.S. Navy Recruiting service) (73)
NH 73-35/36   Navy Hoedown (U.S. Navy Recruiting service) (73)
…………        Navy Hoedown (U.S. Navy Recruiting service) (84)

THE RALPH EMERY RADIO SHOW with guest for the week Bobby Bare

Show No ?               Air date Monday 21 Jan 1974
Show No ?               Air date Tuesday 22 Jan 1974
Show No ?               Air date Wednesday 23 Jan 1974
Show No ?               Air date Thursday 24 Jan 1974
Show No ?               Air date Friday 25 Jan 1974   

Show No 2375        Air date Monday July 19 1976
Show No 2376        Air date Tuesday July 20 1976
Show No 2377        Air date Wednesday July 21 1976
Show No 2378        Air date Thursday July 22 1976
Show No 2379        Air date Friday July 23 1976

Show No 2545        Air date Monday March 14 1977
Show No 2546        Air date Tuesday March 15 1977
Show No 2547        Air date Wednesday March 16 1977
Show No 2548        Air date Thursday March 17 1977
Show No 2549        Air date Friday March 18 1977

Show No 3680        Air date Monday July 20th 1981
Show No 3681        Air date Tuesday July 21st 1981
Show No 3683        Air date Thursday July 23rd 1981
Show No 3684        Air date Friday July 24th 1981
Show No 3682        Air date Wednesday July 22nd 1981

Show No 3945        Air date Monday July 26th 1982
Show No 3946        Air date Tuesday July 27th 1982
Show No 3947        Air date Wednesday July 28th 1982
Show No 3948        Air date Thursday July 29th 1982
Show No 3949        Air date Friday July 30th 1982

LSC 80-03      Live from the Lone Star Cafe (Jan 1980
LSC 80-24      Live from the Lone Star Cafe (June 1980)

............                  Country Close Up #109 air date 1 March 1982  
BCHCMV49150   Country Close Up air date 23 Aug 1982
............                  Country Close Up # 224 air date 6/13/83 

72441              Country Cookin' programme 139  Air date 01/13/1974
..........              Country Cookin' programme 236  Air date 11/23/1975 
74830              Country Cookin' programme 280  Air date 9/26/1976
FF-82               Fan Fair Radio Promo Spots (40 country artist make a 30sec clip
                         Promoting the 1982 Country Music Fan Fair in Nashville
RR 1002           Bobby Bare Country Classics (TV LP) 12 songs (83)
Coors                Country News Week starting 06/14/82

Coors                Country News Week starting 09/12/83
Coors                Country News Week starting 01/17/83

Vogue 001/002 Bobby Bare and others Bob McDill DJ
Col AS 747      Bobby Bare Radio Show(1980)
............             Solid Gold Country Air date July 4th / July 8th 1988
............             America's No 1 Show  Show No 5 Air date 7/3/1988
............             Country News week of July 18-24 1988 
W1886             Armed Forces Radio & Television Service (3 tracks) 1967


800174             Bobby Bare Country& Western Classics (cassette)
804017             Bobby Bare More Classic Hits  (cassette)

CD Collection
01-469416-10    The Gambler (15 tracks from the CBS era) (85)
CK 38311           Bobby Bare Biggest Hits (10 songs from the CBS era) (87)
BCD 15417-3     The Mercury Years (3 CD set) all his Mercury recordings (87)
MON 310 006    Fishin’ Songs (88)
CDCST 28         The Country Store Collection (18 songs from the CBS era) (88)
441624-2            Music City U.S.A. (18 original tracks from his Mercury recordings (91)
839 668-2           Country and Western Super-Hits (16 tracks from his Mercury recordings (91)
25473.2              Country Kicks (identical tracks as “Lassoes n’ Spurs.) (91)
DG19217230-2  Lassoes n’ Spurs (US/Canada) (10 RCA hits) (91)
BCD 15663AH  Lullabys, Legends and Lies (a copy of his album APLI-0290) (92)
74321 13980 2  “2 Gether on 1 (Detroit City LP + 500 Miles LP on one CD) (Germany) (93)
BCD 15663       All American Boy (4 CD Boxed set) all his recordings up to but not
                          including the album and single Streets of Baltimore. (93)
CD EMI /Electrola CDP 7 93665 2 Country Gold (Mercury recordings) (93)

74321 13979 2  The Collection (A mixture of his RCA hits) (93)
PMM 0523-2    Greatest Hits (14 Original tracks from the Mercury era) (93) 
CTS 55428        All American Boy 21 Greatest Hits (a mixture of re-recordings circa 1986
                          and original tracks of his hits). (93)
CD 333              I Love An Old Fashioned Christmas (Bobby Bare with Grandma’s Little
                          Angels) (93)
SBR-1001-CD  Merry Christmas from Bobby Bare (93)

310 004            All American Boy (Re-recordings of hits but includes new recording
                        (Wolverton Mountain) (94)
PCD 10157      The Winner (A mixture of his RCA hits also including The Town That
                         Broke My Heart a great song  by Tom T. Hall and the first release of this
                         song in CD format since single 47-9643 in the late sixties). (94)
PMM 0523       Greatest Hits (14 songs from the Mercury era) (94)
RE 2043           The Best of Bobby Bare (A mixture of his RCA Hits) (94)
MAC CD 220   For the Good Times (14 original tracks from Mercury era) (94)
CGCD 005       Country Gold Bobby Bare (Re-recordings of his hits circa 1986) (95)
CD Fortune 3203  "My Name is" Bobby Bare (Mercury recordings) (95)
GLD 63211      The Great Bobby Bare (A mixture of his Mercury Hits) (96)
RCA 67405-5  The Essential Bobby Bare (A mixture of his RCA hits) (97)

RRCD 8005     The Un-Released Performances Live from Gilley's Crystal Records (97)
3984200062    Bobby Bare Greatest Hits (20 re-recordings) Australian release (97)
EDCD 551       Hard Times Hungrys (A CD copy of his album LSA 3231) (98)
TYN-CD-601   Bobby Bare Sings Kris Kristofferson (9 tracks from Mercury era) (98)
157.122            Detroit City  (Another mixture of his re-recordings circa 1986) (98)
550 341-2        Truck Gold (14 songs from the Mercury era)
EAB CD-110   Bobby Bare – The Masters (20 RCA hits) 1998 Eagle release, very
                         good compilation; most have not appeared on CD before. (98)
A 33709           Pure Country (10 original tracks from the CBS era (98)
BWCD 040290Bobby Bare’s Greatest Hits (20 songs all re-recordings circa 1986 (98)
KOC-CD 8013 Bare Tracks (16 original tracks from the CBS era) (99)
BMG RCA 74321 571192 The Singles, 1959-1969 (47 tracks including A&B sides) (99)

PLS CD 322    Famous Country Music Makers (18 songs all re-recordings circa 1986 (99)
LT -5105         Bobby Bare Detroit City    Life Time Collection (20 re-recordings) (99)
92836-2           Live at Gilley's (12 live tracks recorded in 1984) (99)
CWCD 143      For the Good Times (14 tracks from the Mercury era) CEDAR (99)
CD-Plat-143    18 Golden Greats (18 re -recordings) Australian release (99)
EDCD 637      The Columbia Years: Bare's Picks (19 original recordings) (00)

DMC12831     Bobby Bare Signature Series   (14 original RCA recordings (00) 
AUD-CD-8166 A Bird Named Yesterday (a copy of his album LSP 3831) (02)
RCA 614877-2 SUPER HITS (a selection of his RCA recordings) (04)

CD-7310 75517484332 Folsom Prison Blues / I'm A long Way from Home (04)
80302-01209-2 The Moon Was Blue (all new recordings) (05)

MME-70057   10 BARE ESSENTIALS (Ten tracks from the Mercury era)  (06)
MME-70058  20 BARE ESSENTIALS ( Twenty tracks from Mercury ((06)

RVCD-243      DOWN & DIRTY PLUS (06)
RCA Legacy    LULLABY’S, LEGENDS AND LIES LEGACY  82876 77501 2 (07)
RVCD-267      DRUNK & CRAZY PLUS (07)


N 50092-2       DREAMS OF YESTERDAY (09)
RVCD-344      Cowboys and Daddys /Me and McDill (11)
OMNI 156       Hard Time Hungrys / The Winner And Other Losers (12)
mbn 2797110  Things Change (12)

RVCD 358       As Is / Ain’t Got Nothin’ To Lose (12)
Plowboy          Darker Than Light (12)
MZ25280        Buddies with The Blues  El Toro records (13)
OMNI-169      The Real Thing / I Hate Goodbyes / Ride Me Down Easy (13)
SPV 2651-52   Memories RCA singles 1962-69 SPV (Country) (13)




RCX-7159  The Months Best from the Country & West (Four Strong Winds) RCA (65)
RCX-7159  The Months Best from the Country & West Vol2 (A Dear John Letter) (65)
RCX-7172  The Months Best from the Country & West Vol 4 (Times are Getting Hard) (65)
RCX-7178  The Months Best from the Country & West Vol 5 (It’s Alright) (65)
RCX-7181  The Months Best from the Country & West Vol 6 (Talk me Some Sense) (65)

LPM-9992   Nashville Stars on Tour (recorded Live in Europe April 1964 Bare sings
                    Detroit City, 500 Miles, Shame on Me but on the last track Chet Atkins,
                    Bobby Bare, and Jim Reeves all sing Auf Wiedershen) (RCA) (64)
CDN- 5118  Special Delivery (with Roy Orbison and Joey Powers) Bare sings (Heart of
                    Ice, To whom it may concern, Above and beyond.) (RCA Camden) (64)
SRS 555      The Best of Country and West (The Streets of Baltimore) (RCA Camden)
LSP 3606     Big Country Hits of 65 (RCA) (65)
HAB 8250   The Tall 12 various artists (Tender Years) London (65)
LSP-2949     Pop Country Hits (Have I Stayed Away Too Long) Although Bobby Bare's
                     name appeared on the cover, Jim Reeves version was used (64)
LSP-3452    Country Hits Parade (Detriot City) RCA (66)
CAS 2136   Country Stars Sing Sacred Songs (Just a Closer walk with Thee) RCA (67)
LSP 4082    Welcome to the World of Country Harmony (Too Used to Being With You)(68)
JET 102A/B  The Best of Today’s Country Hits (Find Out What’s Happening) Double LP.
                      RCA   (69)
INTS 1051  Travellin Country (Ruby. Don’t Take Your Love To Town / Big Ben Colson)
                    RCA International (69)
STBB-401   Super Oldies Vol 6  (All American Boy) compilation double LP Capitol (circa 69)
CAS 2333    Sings popular Country Songs (Worried Man Blues, Noah's Ark) (69)
LPM 9977    Western Jamboree (RCA)
INTS 109Z  Country Music Festival (Which One Will It Be) RCA Camden International (70)
SRM-2-606 Country Giants (How I got to Memphis) Mercury (70)
CDS 1153   Country Giants Vol. 6 (Four Strong Winds) RCA Camden (70)
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INTS 1275  The Best of Country Duets (Jackson with S. Davis) RCA U.K. (72)  
SPR 90069  Country Sounds (Me and Bobby McGee / Sylvia’s Mother) (Ember)(73)
INTS 1419  Country Music Festival Vol 2 (Four Strong Winds) RCA Camden (73)
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6600 003    The Great Counrty Festival 2LPs (Short & Sweet) Mercury, Germany
G338 224    Country & Western Hit Parade 2 (Sylvia's Mother) Mercury Germany
SR61 375    The Nashville Package of Original Country Hits (Come Sundown) Mercury
SP100         Country Stampede (Streets of Baltimore) RCA Australia
Nl 8954      20 of the Best Country Duets (Dear John, Vagas with J.Bare) RCA Germany     
WC324       Country Express (Marie Laveau) K-Tel (76)
CR  030      Country Hits  Vol 1 (Cowboys and Daddys) (77)
PL42012    Sings Harlan Howard (The Streets of Baltimore)RCA U.K. (77)
AYL1-3674  Red Neck Mothers (Up Against the Wall Red Neck Mother) RCA (77)
4S-SP-101 Echoes of Country (Tender Years) 4 Star records, Nashville (77)
4s-SP-102 Country Love (Vampira) 4 star records, Nashville (77) 
V-001        Bob McDill-You Know Him by His Music (Look who I'm Cheatin' on Tonight
                  and If You Think I'm Crazy Now a 1977 radio show by Vogue Productions
…………  Fresh Country Cream-Various artists (The Last Time) (79)
CPL2-1904 Great Moments at the Grand Ole Opry (Daddy What If) RCA (79)
JE36177     Banded Together(Goin' Up's Easy, Comin' down's Hard) Epic (79) 
SP-10679   All American Boy-Original tribute to Elvis (All American Boy) (Little Darlin
                   Label ) (79)
1640/1650      The History of CM, Vol 2  2 LPs (Detroit City) UMI label
DPM2 -0069  The History of CM, Vol 3 (Disc2) (500 miles, Margie’s At ) Lee Cash Presents
111429.8  Country & Western Music (Just the Other Side, Roses are Red, I Need Some
                 Good News Bad.) Europa
25 577-6 20 Fantastic Country & Western Hits (Four Strong Winds, Singin’ in the Kitchen)
RCASRS 564  The Best of Country & West Vol 3 (Margie’s At) RCACBR
1022 20      Country Classics (500 Miles) Everest Records (circa ?)
PMP 1014  Country Classics (500 Miles) Premier Records (circa ?)
CL 42410   Schlagererinnerungen (2) (Alle glauden, dass ich gluecklick bin,
                   Das Haus auf der Sierra) RCA
AHL1-3422  Honky Tonkin (Hurricane Shirley and I’m Gonna Be a Diamond) (79)
BFX 15040  Nashville Stars in Deutschland (6 songs in German by Bare) (Bear Family
                     Records) (80)
RTL 2050   Country Legends  24 County Greats (The Gambler) Ronco (80)
995               Here's to the Veterans. The Bobby Bare Show (Detroit City,
                    500 Miles and Millers Cave (Columbia circa?)

CBS 84693  The Cowboys (The Gambler) (80)
JE 36547 Best Country Duets (No Memories Hangin' Round) w Rosaanne Cash (80)
RCA   The Austin All-Star Sound (The Winner / Marie Laveau) (80)
Wu-3600  Kickin' Country (Numbers) K-Tel (81)
INTS 5076  Keep on Truckin’ (Truck Driver, Truck Driver) (81)
PL 43166    Waylon Music (duet with Waylon Jennings, Sing the Blues to Daddy)RCA
…………    Country Stars and Hits (Take Me As I Am Or Let Me Go) CBS EPIC (81)
PE 37178    Volunteer Jam Vll by Charlie Daniels (Marie Laveau) Epic (81)
WW5105     Twenty Country Classics (Detroit City) Warwick UK (81)   
RTL 2059B  Country Sunset 20 Giant Hits (The Last Time) Ronco (81)
…………   Country Cookin (Music & Interviews U.S.Navy)
SE 37177   Take This Job and Shove It. (Beer Drinkin’ Christian with Lacy J Dalton) (81)
RTD 2083  The Great Country Music Show 2LPs ( Intro by Bobby Bare Tequila Sheila, No
                   Memories Hangin' 'Round with Roseanne Cash
) RONCO (82)
200.002      All American Cowboy (All American Boy) Look Back Switzerland (82) 
(S) 8022     Country Show Time
(with Donna Fargo & Jerry Wallace) (82) 
FE-39001   The Greatest Country Hits From the Movies (Beer Drinkin Christian) (83)
EPC25933  Great Country Duets (No Memories H...., It's a Dirty Job) Epic UK (84) 
SLUC8004  The Country Music Story 100 Golden Greats 4 LPs, ( For the Good times,
                    Me and Bobby McGee
) Music World NZ (85)
………        Country&Western (PSA radio spots for marines one spot by Bobby Bare)
40-54947    Country Duets I Love Country (It’s a Dirty Job with Lacy J. Dalton /
                   No Memories Hangin’ Around with Rosanne Cash) CBS (86)
SGC 4-3-86 Solid Gold Country (500 Miles Away From Home) (86)
CP1J             Best of the West '86 (The Jogger) CBS (86)
PC-13021    Relight the Fuse Donnie Bowser (Duet with DB Here Comes that Rainbow
/Another One of My Near Misses ) Playback Records.
CBS 451004 1  I Love Country. Rosanne Cash. (Bare sings No Memories Hangin’‘Round
                         with Rosanne he is also credited on the same album with singing Big River
                         with Rosanne I have listened to it a dozen times and I can’t hear Bobby
                         Bare’s voice on it.) (87)
11134428ZB Inter Country '86 Live Recordings, Supraphan, Czechoslovakia '87 (White
                   Freight Liner Blues, Long Black Veil, Tequila Sheila, 500 miles, Detroit City

HSC 3231   Country Collection Vol 3 (The Gambler) Pickwick (88)
DTO 10138B   Country Showcase (Tequila Shelia) Pickwick (88)
STDC 20   The Songs of Bob Dylan (Don’t Think Twice it’s Alright) Start Records (89)
L4FPV72261 Sounds of Solid Country (Detriot City) USMC
L4FPV72257 Sounds of Solid Country (Come Sundown) USMC
BCHFPV76225 Sounds of Solid Country (Margies at the Lincoln Park Inn) USMC
AP 049    Wheels-A Tribute to Gram Parsons and Clarence White (6 songs) (89)

100.036-2    Country Superstars  (8 tracks from the Mercury era) (86)
OG 3718      Country Hits of the 60s (Detroit City) (89)
CD 472303  Spirit of America-Country Love Songs Vol 1 (February Snow) (94)
CD 472305  Spirit of America-Hall of Fame Vol 1 (Tequila Sheila) (94)
CD 472306  Spirit of America-Hall of Fame Vol 2 (Too Many Nights Alone) (94)
CD CNR 116  Lost and Found Duet with G. Thomas (North Carolina) (94)
CD 472308  Spirit of America-The Seventies (Sleep Tight Good Night Man) (94)
CD 472309  Spirit of America-The Eighties (It’s A Dirty Job with Lacy J. Dalton) (94)
CD 472310  Spirit of America-Truckers Songs (Goin’ Back to Texas) (94)
CDRN 71645  Country Shots God Bless America (God Bless America) (94)
RCA 28023   Nashville Classics 60s (500 mile from Home) (96)
RCA 28024   Nashville Classics 70s (Marie Laveau) (96)
CD2036         Pocketful of Country-TV Special (Detroit City, Scarlet Ribbons) DynaHouse
CD 007 035   Living in America 2-CD (We’ll sing in the Sunshine / 500 Miles) (96)
CD P8 52702   Greatest Country Classics 2-CD (Sylvia’s Mother) (96)
RCA 31770   Nashville Classics Duets (A Dear John Letter with Skeeter Davis) (96)
DZS-163        These Colors Won't Run (G.I.Joe) (96)
CDCHD 316   All American Rock’N’Roll  from Fraternity (Various Artists)
                        This CD only has two Bare tracks on it  but both are very
                        collectable (Buddies with the Blues) is one that Bear Family
                        Records missed out when they did the boxed set and what I think
                        is the best find of all. The first take of (The All American Boy). (97)
CD 378422   Country Duet (A Dear John Letter with Skeeter Davis) (97)
CD 24078     Country Stars-Live on Stage (Marie Laveau) (97)
DS 1153        Country Giants (Four Strong Winds) Camden
PEG CD 005  Country Love. Romancing with Country (When Love is Gone / I Took A
                       Memory to Lunch / That’s How I got to Memphis
) Pegasus (97)
UAE 30832  Bobby Bare & Waylon Jennings (10 tracks from the Mercury era) (97)
CD 100026  Rockfile Vol 26 (500 Miles from Home) (98)
CD 100048  Rockfile Vol 48 (Detroit City) (98)
LECD 010   Legends Of Country Music (When Love is Gone/ I Took a Memory to Lunch)
CBS 4611332  I Love Country (
It's a Dirty Job/No Memories Hangin' Around)
CAM 378352  Classic Country (
500 Miles/Son of Hickery Holler's Tramp)
CAM 339342  All Time Country Greats (
Ruby Don't Take Your Love to Town)
PLS CD 501   Classic Country Vol 1 (
The Shelter of Your Eyes/You made a believer out of me)
EMPR CD 541 The Great Sounds of Country (
Music city U.S.A.)
SM records  Old Style Love Songs Vol 1 (
Dear John) Vol 4 (500 Miles)
MCA 70005  It Don’t Get Any Better Than This. George Jones (Bare sing on the title
                      song with Merle Haggard, Wille Nelson, Waylon Jennings and Johnny
                     Counterfeit Cash. (98)
EMTBX 304   The Essential Country Collection (Me & Bobby McGee / Sylvia’s Mother)
EMPRBX 006   The Great Sounds of Country (Music City USA) (98)
MACCD   Country Moods (Music City USA / That’s How I Got to Memphis) (98)
PLATCD 228   Legends of Country (Marie Laveau) (98)
309082   All Time Country Hall of Fame (Sylvia’s Mother) Hallmark (98)
HADCD 177   Boxcar Willie and Friends (Tequila Shelia / White Freight Liner Blues) (98)
BCD15793AH   And The Answer Is Vol 3 (Detroit City / 500 miles) Bear Family Records
83125-2    Old Dogs Vol. 1 (with Jerry Reed, Waylon Jennings & Mel Tillis) (98)
83126-2    Old Dogs Vol. 2 (with Jerry Reed, Waylon Jennings & Mel Tillis) (98)
83127-2    Old Dogs Greatest Hits (with Jerry Reed, Waylon Jennings, Mel Tillis)(98)
83156-2    Old Dogs (UK Version)(with Jerry Reed, Waylon Jennings, Mel Tillis)(98)
216 0467  The Best of Country 3CD set (Detroit City) (98)
MME-70014 Kickin' Asphalt (This is as Far as I Go, Six Days Back at Home,
                      Don't Go to Sleep on the Road, Momma Take the Road off Me
                      There's an 18 Wheeler, Worlds last Truck Drivin Man
                       Various artists MME (99)
STB-8747 Country Gold (
Please Don't Tell Me How The Story Ends) New Zealand
STB-8748 Country Gold (
Detroit City) Stardust New Zealand
CD-241-8342 Good Ole Boys  20 Great Country Hits (
Tequila Shelia, Numbers)
CD 241-805/1 Golden Country Greats Vol 1 (
Me and Bobby McGee) New Zealand
SHD 2254 Ryman Country Homecoming Vol 1 (
Lincoln Park Inn) (00)
SHD 2255 Ryman Counrty Homecoming Vol 2 (
Marie laveau) (00)
28963        Like Desperados (
Tequila Shelia) Sony (00)
RAZ 10382 Chicken Fried Country
(Dropkick me Jesus) (01)