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Records of the Week
(Records are changed every weekend usually Sunday lunch time)

Folsom Prison Blues
(Johnny Cash)
Producer Chet Atkins (recorded August 12 1968)
RCA Camden album CAS-2289 
Folsom Prison Blues (August 1968)
Folsom Prison Blues / I'm A Long Way From Home
COL-CD-7310 75517484332 (2004)

Golden Memories
(Lacy J. Dalton - John Fitzgerald)
That's Lacy J. Dalton at the end of the song. 
Producer Allen Reynolds (recorded December 1981)
Columbia album FC 37719
 Ain't Got Nothin' To Lose (March 1982)
As Is / Ain't Got Nothin' To Lose
Raven RVCD-358 (2012)

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