Toyota Supra MkIV Twin Turbo

1995 Black GZ Aerotop (Automatic).

This is my latest purchase, a 1995 Toyota Supra MkIV Twin Turbo GZ Aerotop automatic.

Here are some more pictures.

My OLD SUPRA. Click on it to see what she was like, and what she's like now!.....

Previous stock wheels were Toyota rims with
Rear 245*45 ZR16
Front 225*45 ZR16 Tyres
I now have 18" Speedline Aliseo 3 piece split rims with
Rear 265*30 ZR18
Front 245*35 ZR18

What is the stock alignment?
Front : Camber -0.5 degrees +/- 0.75, Caster +3.5 +/- 0.75 degrees, Toe 0.00 +/- 0.80" (2 mm)
Rear : Camber -1.50 +/- 0.75, Toe 0.120" (3mm) Toe IN +/- 0.080" (2mm)

What is a good street alignment?
Front: Camber -1.0 , Caster +5.0 , Toe 0.00
Rear Camber -1.5, Toe IN 1.0mm
The Front and Rear toe are critical to tire wear, even small deviations from spec may cause unusual wear patterns or excessive wear.



Apexi 3" downpipe which replaces the two catalytic converters. Here are the pictures

BHP Performance Graphs

At each stage of modification I have obtained detailed BHP performance graphs. Here they are.


Useful stuff this........

Sequential Turbo Operation
So how do the twin turbos work then?

Japanese Grey Imports
A brief description of grey imports

WARNING: I DON'T RECOMMEND BUYING A CAR FROM AUTOBUY INTERNATIONAL. You'll regret it. Want to know more? then read this.....

Basically, buy a Japanese Grey import. You can't beat the value for money.

Speedometer Conversion
This is dead easy. Don't waste money getting someone else to do it. Spend 60 pounds and Do-It-Yourself.
This is special discounted rate for members of the UK Supra Owners Group.

Cruise Control
It operation and speed range etc.
Have you got a problem with your cruise control? Don't know what speed it should work at?

Progressive Power Steering
The effects that converting you speedo has on it.

Active Spoiler
What is it? Description of it's operation.

Apexi AVCR Boost Controller Install
The Apexi Super Actuator Valve Controller Type-R installation.

Engine Trouble Codes
Lists the engine trouble codes and how to run the diagnostic mode.

Fog lamp wiring
Have you only got two functional brake lights because your importer disabled the other two to make them into a fog lamp?
Here's how you can get all four lamps working and still have a fog lampwhen you need re-use the lights fail warning lamp as a FOG lamp ON indicator.

Dash Removal
Have you wondered how hard it is to remove the dash facia on the MkIV. Here are the instructions.

Fuel Pump Circuit
Fuel Pump Circuit

550cc Injector Upgrade upgrade from 430cc to 550cc

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