Speedometer and Odometer Conversion

Background info.

All Japanese imported cars will read in kilometers per hour (KPH) but to be legal in the UK you need to convert this to miles per hour (MPH)

TRL Performance sells speedo converter boxes and provides technical assistance for any installation

Actually, you don't need to convert it to be legal on the roads in the UK if you have personally imported the vehicle. If you purchased this from a dealer and it was done via a commercial import route then this should have been done for you already This normally only means you have a speedometer that reads in MPH and I have tried to help in providing information how to alter the odometer and get all those goodies like cruise, active spoiler and speed limiter sorted out.

Here's the technical details of what's going on

Conversion Procedure. ( Here's the Schematic!)

  • and location of the connectors (230KB)
  • This is the cruise control location
  • This is the cruise control plug
  • This is the active spoiler control unit
  • These are the plugs behind the speedo head
  • The modifications and procedure to make the speedo and odo' read in MPH are as follows..





    Final Notes:

    I hope this encourages others to have a play and get both the odo and speedo converted.

    For further assistance and prices regarding the TRL DSC (Digital Speedo Converter) contact TRL via Email at dsc@trlperformance.com

    Note: The TRL DSC provides calibrated outputs adjustable by +/-10% in approx 1.5% increments. It also provides a 1:1 and 5:8 scaled output signals plus a dedicated speed delimiter output. So THREE funtions in ONE box!

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