Dash Removal on the MkIV Toyota Supra.


(AT THIS POINT I MUST SAY. If you have an airbag then do all the below with the ignition switcch off!!!!!!    
If you don't, nothing will be damaged but the airbag warning light will stay on permenantly. This can be reset but is an extra bit of work you don't really need to do)

First you need to remove the 6 (?) screws which hold the top part of the dash. This is the piece that contains the odometer, hazard warning lights and other warning light clusters. This should come off easily, now disconnect the connectors. Don't worry about which one goes where, they are all handed and only occur once. Pull this unit away.

Now surrounding the speedometer and tachometer is a single piece of facia dash (about 12inches long and  8 high). This is just clipped in so gently prise this off and store away.

Next you must remove the housing surrounding the gear lever. This is just clipped in. To start off begin to lift this section from the drivers side (it's the only bit you can get purchase with your fingers). Now ease the section out of the clips. Stop before removing totally because you first have to un-velcro the leather that surrounds the gear lever. This allows the leather collar to slip over the gear lever. Finally before the whole thing will come out you wil need to disconnect the cable attached to the rear of this small section. It's a bit fiddly as there isn't much slack cable.

Now you are in a position to remove either the left or right dash sections. You'll need the left one obviously to get at the radio This is held in position with two screws at the top left and right. (?)

Once these are removed the section will again come away by carefully easing around all the edges. Once free of the clips it now becomes obvious that you have a lot of cables to disconnect. Just start at the top and work your way down (pull the connector and not the cables to be sure you don't fracture the wires) All the connectors are handed, so just pull them off without worrying where they came from, they won't go back any where else. Finally with all cables removed the dash section should come away.(avoiding the steering column with a bit of patience)

The radio can be removed by removing the four screws which hold in the chassis.

Finally the radio will come out.

Follow the reverse to the procedure and your back up and running.