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This page is a follow on from the previous pages but will be dedicated to our scooter drag racing exploits.
To date it`s the end of the 2007 season and the developments so far have seen us winning the Straightliners rounds at Santa Pod in the Top Scooter class with a record for that class of 12.95 seconds.
Red Dwarf with Dave as pilot has that honour (with a personal best time of 12.5 seconds and terminal of 101.36mph during testing this October).Blue Dwarf is the slower of the two on the 1/4 (but faster over the 60ft) due to the weight difference between Dave and me (approx 3 stone/19kg) with a PB of 13.5 seconds however for the next season things are due to change.
I am currently fitting Blue out with a Nitrous oxide injection system, firstly to run with avgas as the main and injected fuel but later to adapt it to run with methanol as the injected fuel along with the N2O.
So until the season is up and running early next year its hands to the spanners and see what it brings.
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How low can you go! This was at Round 1 of the Straightliners series 30/03/08 which I was using as a test day due to the terrible conditions of the few previous meetings at Pod and was desperate for some track time. As it happens I won the Top Scooter class at this round while testing and into a strong headwind with a time of 13.71 seconds at 91.42mph.
This and some of the other excellent shots must be credited to Peter Donaldson whose own site is a must see for drag racing fans
Update: On Saturday at the FIA approved drag strip at Santa Pod, Dave on Red Dwarf posted our fastest terminal speed on the 1/4 mile with a blistering run of 119.81mph!! Unfortunately it started snowing just after that and the track was closed but we hope to repeat the results in the future.
I posted a personal best time of 12.99 seconds.
The run can be seen here

Update: 19.04.08
Regarding the title to the "Worlds fastest Scooter" and certain concerns that the 119.81mph run wasnt backed up as per a gentlemans agreement and not by any ACU rules.
The fastest terminal speed by any auto-transmission single cylinder two stroke scooter on a 1/4mile FIA approved drag strip is as stands above at 119.81mph.
For the record it has to be accomplished under ACU rules during a recognised meeting however the previous holder claiming the record did not conform to these requirements and set the record during testing at Santa Pod FIA drag strip without ACU approval.
There is as far as we can tell no precident for this record under ACU rules so the previous record by the previous holder was valid as a claim to the "worlds fastest scooter" with a terminal speed of 104.68 as advertised on their website.
We have now beaten that terminal and with-in the aboves conditions of "backing up" a run with in the hour.
The above still stands but within the spirit of the sport the "worlds fastest scooter" now travels at 107.50mph and we claim title.

12.1565 at 107.5mph,  12.2659 at 106.33mph, 12.2342 at 105.68mph.
Further developments continue with
the addition of more aerodynamic
screens to aid cutting wind resistance and drag. These shots taken at the Straightliner round at Santa Pod on 14/09/08 during which we won the Top Scooter Class again with a reletively slow 12.4sec at 102mph.
15/03/09 and we win the 1st round of the Straightliners series in Top Scooter class yet again at Santa Pod both posting personal best times,
Red Dwarf 12.1456 seconds.
Blue Dwarf 12.7735 seconds.
29/03/09 during testing at Santa Pod the last run of the day Blue Dwarf managed a personal best of 12.5 seconds at 100.01mph, the engine is now stripped for further development and updates will be posted.