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    League Reports (last months reports)

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    Report for Matches played week beginning 20th Mar (Reporter - Robin Plunkett Div 1-4)

    In Division one Generation Aces have completed their campaign and are champions yet again. After being given a walk-over by bottom placed Cowplain Black NWF are runners up after their walk-over against Cowplain Cobras and Hambledon will finish third. They beat Generation Jacks 6-4 with two wins each for Richard Smith and Bill Moody and one from Andy Bugden. Mike Rhodes won all three for Jacks and Sam Moon one. Fareham Swallows defeated BCA Red 6-4 with two each for Mark Scott, Andy Phillips and Steve Robinson. Andy Stagg won two for the reds and Paul Oatley one. Cowplain Blue beat Unison White 6-4 with two each for Dave Woodacre and Roger Winkworth. Piyachai Chainiyom was unbeaten for the whites.

    Vosper Green will finish third in Division two after beating Unison Orange 6-4. Pete Newman scored a hat trick and David Edge won two. Sunny Zhu won two for Orange. Cowplain Alexandra finished their campaign with a 6-4 win at SESA Perseus. In what could be his final game in the Portsmouth league 75 year old Alan Bland became the only player in the second half to defeat Robin Plunkett, but his treble was in vain as Chris Corner won a vital two for Alexandra. BCA Wasps won 6-4 versus Unison Barons. Nic Anderson won three and Paul Fitzgerald two. SESA Jupiter won their second match of the season against fellow strugglers SESA Neptune who might be relegated with them. Barry Boorah and Barry Tiller both won two for the victors, while Dave Wiles took a maximum for the beaten side. SESA Saturn moved to safety by beating two man Cowplain Orange with maximums by Pete Parvin, Ray Tiller and Brian Tee..

    Sporting St Clares have won Division three. They won their last game 9-1 against St Clares Grasshoppers. Keith Baker and Tim Hampton both won three. Graham Wiggins added two losing only to Ian Clemens. Avenue Puffins are almost certain to finish runners up. They beat PW Red 7-3. John Brightman scored a treble with Brian West and Trevor Rayner adding two apiece. BCA Hornets won by a narrow 6-4 margin against Unison Green. The Tucker brothers and Fred Dowding all won two games, but couldn’t stop the unbeaten Tim Farmer. BCA Green beat Wyeth A 9-1 with hat tricks for George Lush and Peter Denford. Peter Grubb supplied a further two. Peter Higgins three wins guided PW Black to an 8-2 victory over Unison Crimson. Adam Green replied with wins over Chris Whatley and Daphne Gray. Eric Harvey and John Amey both won two as Sixth Avenue won 6-4 at Cowplain Crimson for whom Gary Stanford and Don Wilson both won two games.

    Division four title favorites Unison Black won 7-3 versus Lovedean. Chris Bone and Josh Colombi were unbeaten on the night. PW Blue trounced BCA Yellow 10-0 with their team of John Manuel, Neil Lockton and Pete Slatter. Sixth Avenue B drew with SESA Satellites thanks to a treble by Clive Wilson. Roy Johnson won two for Satellites. Ray Gunter’s maximum helped St Clares Swifts beat Avenue Toucans 6-4. Dave Fitzgibbons and Sue Brightman won two each for Toucans. Eastoke Cougars drew with SESA Mercury. John Davey and Eric Saunders won two each for Cougars as did Brian Forsey and Gordon Millar for Mercury. Two man Wyeth B beat St Clares Bandits 6-4 with Steve Prior undefeated and Gordon Wilkins adding two.

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    Report for Matches played week beginning 13th Mar (Reporter - Robin Plunkett Div 1-4)

    BCA Blue did their survival hopes in Division one a power of good by beating Generation Jacks who are in danger themselves. Mike Gibbs was unbeaten, supported by Callum Shipp and Lucan Chan with two each having both lost to Sam Moon. The match ended 8-2. Fareham Rovers beat BCA Red 7-3 with Alan Baldwin undefeated assisted by Trevor Farrow with two and Graham Taylor one. Nic Anderson, Andy Stagg and Paul Oatley won one each for the beaten side. NWF who look like finishing runners up hammered Cowplain Blue 10-0 with maximums for Andy Whitcher, Rod McMullan and Alex Rorke. Hambledon easily beat Cowplain Black with three each from Andy Bugden, Bill Moody and Richard Smith. Black saved the whitewash with the doubles victory. Unison White and Fareham Swallows drew. Chainiyom scored a treble for White, Paul added one and they combined to win the doubles. Scott and Robinson with two each and Phillips one were the remaining scorers.

    Navy are close to winning Division 2. They overcame a tough fixture this week to beat Unison Orange 6-4. Darren Godden, Tim Currass and Kevin Smith all won two games. Sunny Zhu(2) and Eric Lindsell(1) replied for Orange. Vosper Tenacity won 7-3 against Unison Barons. John Cooper won all three, Ted Lavender two and Dave Mcintosh one. Tressler, Deacon and Mullett scored a single each for Barons. Vosper Green defeated SESA Saturn 7-3 with a hat trick from David Edge. Marshall Smith added two and John Wildig one. Ray Tiller with two and Pete Parvin one were on the mark for Saturn. Cowplain Alexandra beat SESA Neptune 7-3 with trebles for Plunkett and Landsman. Wiles, Kitching and Barker replied for Neptune. SESA Jupiter lost 6-4 to BCA Wasps for whom Will George won three, Scott Tucker two and Roland Grant one. Richard Stone with two and Barry Tiller one responded for Jupiter. SESA Perseus beat two man Cowplain Orange 7-3 with a maximum by Mike Thorne. Steve Long replied with wins over Colin Clark and Alan Bland.

    Sporting St Clares beat Unison Green 9-1 in Division three with three each for Graham Wiggins and Tim Hampton and two for Keith Baker losing only to Jason Bavester. Avenue Puffins won 6-4 against BCA Green. John Brightman won all three and Trevor Rayner two. Pete Denford won two for the greens. BCA Hornets won 10-0 against Wyeth B with their team of Scott Tucker, Steve Tucker and Joe Golds. PW Red beat Unison Crimson 7-3. Colin Miller scored a hat trick and John Peters won two. John Ruse won two for the reds. PW Black beat Sixth Avenue A 7-3 thanks to a treble by Chris Whatley and two by Peter Higgins. John Amey replied with two for the beaten team. St Clares Grasshoppers overcame Cowplain Crimson 6-4 with Dave Morgan unbeaten and another two from Ian Clemens. Bob Shaw won two for Crimson.

    The favorites for Division four Unison Black trounced SESA Mercury 10-0 with their line-up of Josh Colombi, Ian Hansell and Heather George.PW Blue beat St Clares Swifts 7-3 with a maximum by Neil Lockton and two for John Manuel. Ray Gunter replied with two for the losers. SESA Satellites won 7-3 against Eastoke Cougars with Malcolm Logan and Jack Robson undefeated. Sixth Avenue B beat Wyeth B 8-2 with a Clive Wilson hat trick. Steve Prior replied with wins over Paul Tinsley and Paul Tomsett. Lovedean beat Avenue Puffins 8-2 with a treble by Sandy Collier and two each for Len Couzens and Ray Marshall. BCA Yellow beat two man St Clares Swifts 10-0 with maximums by Dan Clasby, Alan Halsey and Nigel Dales.

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    Report for Matches played week beginning 06th Mar (Reporter - Robin Plunkett Div 1-4)

    Generation Aces look certain to be heading for the Div 1 title on games difference. This week they beat Cowplain Blue 9-1 with trebles for Charlie Childs and Roger Hookey. Richard Billings got the reply against Mike Turner. NWF won twice in the week by 9-1. Firstly against Fareham Swallows with hat tricks by Alex Rorke and Rod McMullan. Mark Scott replied against Stuart Williams. They then beat Cowplain Blue 9-1 with three each by Rorke and Williams. Andy Whitcher lost the only game against Roger Winkworth. Unison White beat Fareham Rovers 7-3 with a maximum from Joel Paul and two each for Dunmall and Chainiyom. Alan Baldwin and Trevor Farrow won the games for Rovers. Two man Cowplain Cobras beat Cowplain Black 6-4 with George Clay and Trevor Emery unbeaten. Hambledon beat BCA Blue 8-2 with Andy Bugden undefeated supported by Danny Lucking and Bill Moody with two each. Callum Shipp and Mike Gibbs won a single each for Blue.

    Navy look odds on to win Division two. They played Unison Barons twice in the week and twice won 10-0. Darren Godden, Kevin Smith and Paul Lees was the winning line-up. Second placed Vosper Tenacity beat SESA Jupiter 9-1 with hat tricks by John Cooper and Tony Emberson. Barry Boorah saved the whitewash against Dave Mcintosh. SESA Perseus won 6-4 versus Vosper Green despite David Edge’s treble. Mike Thorne and Alan Bland won two each and the doubles for the winners assisted by Paul Russell with one. John Wildig won one for the greens. Unison Orange continued their good run with a 6-4 win at SESA Saturn. Sunny Zhu won three supported by Russell Voysey and Trevor Head with one apiece. Ray Tiller with two, Peter Parvin one and Brian Tee one were the scorers for Saturn. BCA Wasps and Cowplain Alexandra drew. Robin Plunkett was unbeaten for Alexandra. Gerry White and Chris Corner added one each. Nick Anderson(2), Paul Fitzgerald(1) and Shabbir Azad (1) were the scorers for Wasps. Fitzgerald was unlucky to lose two games 11-9 in the fifth set. SESA Neptune beat Cowplain Orange 6-4 with two each for Dave Wiles, Will Kitching and Mary Barker. Steve Long won three for Orange having scraped home against Wiles.

    There was a shock in Division three as BCA Hornets lost 6-4 to BCA Green, which could ultimately cost them the runners up spot. George Lush and Peter Grubb won three apiece. The normally dependable Steve Tucker had a bad night winning only one for Hornets. Leaders Sporting St Clares beat Wyeth A 7-3 with hat tricks for Graham Wiggins and Tim Hampton. Avenue Puffins overcame Unison Crimson 7-3 with trebles for Brian West and John Brightman. PW Red beat Sixth Avenue A 6-4 thanks to a maximum by Colin Miller. Eric Harvey replied with two for the losers. PW Black won 7-3 against St Clares Grasshoppers with Chris Whatley unbeaten and Peter Higgins winning two. Dave Morgan won two for Grasshoppers. Cowplain Crimson were awarded a walk-over when Unison Green failed to turn up.

    In Division four second placed PW Blue had an 8-2 victory over Lovedean. Peter Slatter won all three, supported by John Manuel and Neil Lockton with two each. Sixth Avenue B whitewashed St Clares Bandits with their team of Clive Wilson, Paul Tinsley and Paul Tomsett. BCA Yellow drew at St Clares Swifts thanks largely to three wins by Dan Clasby. Ray Gunter and Arnold Myers both won two for Swifts. Avenue Toucans defeated SESA Mercury 8-2 with three each for Tim Parrott and Sue Brightman. Eastoke Cougars won 8-2 against Wyeth B with trebles by John Davey and Gary Bannister

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    Report for Matches played week beginning 27th Feb (Reporter - Robin Plunkett Div 1-4)

    In an all BCA clash red beat Blue 6-4 to put the losers in real danger of relegation. Callum Shipp won all three for Blue, but Lucan Chan could only add one. Andy Stagg and Paul Oatley won two each and the doubles for Red, while reserve Steven Tucker got the other game. Generation Aces had an easy ride against Fareham Swallows with both Mark Scott and Andy Phillips conceding two games due to injury. Childs, Hookey and Turner won the remaining games to give them a 10-0 win. NWF beat Fareham Rovers 9-1 with trebles by Rod McMullan and Alex Rorke. Alan Baldwin saved the whitewash by beating Andy Whitcher 12-10 in the fifth set. Two man Cowplain Blue beat bottom placed Cowplain Black with hat tricks for Richard Billings and Roger Winkworth. Brian Greenwood took Billings into a fifth set. The match ended 6-4 to Blue. Hambledon won 9-1 at Cowplain Cobras who were restricted to two players. Andy Bugden and Richard Smith gained maximums, but Danny Lucking lost out to George Clay. Unison White won 7-3 versus Generation Jacks. Rob Dunmall and Piyachai Chainiyom were undefeated. Sam Moon and Annabelle Morle replied against Joel Paul.

    Navy went top of Division two taking advantage of a slipup from Vosper Tenacity. Navy hammered SESA Saturn 10-0 with three apiece for Kevin Smith, Darren Godden and Tim Currass. Vosper Tenacity succumbed 7-3 to Cowplain Alexandra for whom Plunkett won three, Chris Corner two and Neil Landsman two. For Tenacity Tony Emberson took two and a hand in the doubles. John Cooper could count himself unlucky after losing all of his games in the fifth leg. Vosper Green had a 6-4 victory at the expense of SESA Neptune. Marshall Smith was unbeaten, supported by David Edge and John Wildig with one each. For the losers Dave Wiles and Mary Barker both won two games, but lost the doubles. Cowplain Orange got a useful point in their clash with BCA Wasps. Steve Long was unbeaten for Orange. Jerry Wilson got his first singles win of the season and Shabbir Merali took a single. For Wasps Will George won two as did reserve Scott Tucker and then they combined to win the doubles. SESA Jupiter drew with Unison Barons thanks to two each by Barry Boorah and Barry Tiller. Phil Beal won the other game. For Barons Malcolm Deacon won two, Lee Mullett one and Mike Turner one. Deacon and Turner won the doubles. Unison Orange defeated SESA Perseus 7-3 with a hat trick by Sunny Zhu, plus two apiece for Russell Voysey and Eric Lindsell. Mike Thorne and Paul Russell replied for Perseus.

    BCA Hornets look like they are heading for runners up place in Division 3 after beating rivals Avenue Puffins 7-3. Steve Tucker scored a hat trick for the winners, but was taken to the wire by Colin Rand who won two for Puffins. Scott Tucker got a vital two for Hornets. Sporting St Clares who are hot favorites for the title beast BCA Green 9-1 with trebles by Keith Baker and Graham Wiggins plus two for Tim Hampton losing only to Pete Grubb. Unison Green drew with PW Black. Viv Mattingly and Jason Bavester won two each for Green as did Chris Whatley and Daphne Gray for Black. Colin Miller’s three wins guided PW Red to a 6-4 victory over St Clares Grasshoppers. Dave Morgan replied with two for the losers. Sixth Avenue A beat Unison Crimson 7-3 with two apiece for Eric Harvey, John Amey and Pete Stock. Rafe Cherry won two for Crimson. Cowplain Crimson won 9-1 against bottom placed Wyeth A with maximums by Gary Stanford and Bob Shaw plus two from Don Wilson losing only to Rob Lewis.

    Division four leaders Unison Black beat Wyeth B 9-1 thanks to hat tricks by Chris Bone and Josh Colombi and two for Ross Banbury. Second placed PW Blue won 9-1 at SESA Mercury with trebles by Neil Lockton and Pete Slatter and another two by John Manuel. St Clares Swifts beat Lovedean 6-4 with Arnold Myers unbeaten supported by Ray Gunter with two. Sandy Collier responded with two for Lovedean. Sixth Avenue B won by a comfortable 9-1 margin versus BCA Yellow. Paul Tinsley and Paul Tomsett were undefeated, while Clive Wilson scored two for the victors

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    Report for Matches played week beginning 20th Feb (Reporter - Robin Plunkett Div 1-4)

    Hambledon who are hoping to finish third in Division one made no mistake against strugglers BCA Red winning 8-2. Danny Lucking and Richard Smith won hat tricks for the victors. Andy Stagg provided the only singles reply by beating Bill Moody. BCA Blue who are battling to avoid relegation got a useful draw with mid table Unison White. Callum Shipp won two games, supported by Mike Gibbs and Lucan Chan with a single each. Shipp and Gibbs won the all important doubles. Piyachai Chainiyom with three and Rob Dunmall two won the games for Unison. Leaders Generation Aces thrashed Fareham Rovers 10-0 with trebles for Charlie Childs, Roger Hookey and Mike Turner. For Rovers Trevor Farrow took Turner to five sets. Cowpain Blue hammered Cowplain Cobras 10-0 with Richard Billings, Roger Winkworth and Pete Woodacre unbeaten. Fareham Swallows beat two man Cowpain Black 10-0 with maximums for Mark Scott, George Cole and Steve Robinson.

    Division two leaders Vosper Tenacity beat struggling Cowplain Orange 8-2 with trebles for John Cooper and Tony Emberson. Steve Long got the only reply in the singles by beating Dave Mcintosh. Navy kept the pressure on with a resounding 10-0 win at SESA Jupiter with their line-up of Kevin Smith, Darren Godden and Paul Lees. Unison Orange won 8-2 at SESA Neptune with three wins by Sunny Zhu and Russell Voysey. Dave Wiles and Mary Barker replied against Trevor Head. Cowplain Alexandra won 6-4 at Unison Barons with a hat trick by Robin Plunkett and two for Chris Corner and another by Ian Wield. Malcolm Deacon was Barons best player with two wins. Mike Turner weighed in with one.

    Sporting St Clares could be heading for the Div 3 title after beating rivals BCA Hornets 8-2. Tim Hampton was the hero winning all three, while Steven Tucker replied by beating Keith Baker and Graham Wiggins. Avenue Puffins are still in the title hunt. They beat Sixth Avenue B 8-2 with a hat trick by Brian West. John Amey responded with wins over John Brightman and Trevor Rayner. Fourth placed BCA Green defeated Cowpain Crimson 8-2 with a treble from George Lush and two each for Pete Denford and Pete Grubb. In a mid table battle Unison Green beat PW Red 6-4 with a hat trick by Tim Farmer and two for Viv Mattingly. Colin Miller won two for the reds. Lowly St Clares Grasshoppers got their second win of the season at the expense of Unison Crimson. Dave Morgan was unbeaten and Gordon White added two in the 6-4 victory. PW Black beat bottom placed Wyeth A 7-3 despite a Chris Knight maximum. Chris Whatley, Daphne Gray and Peter Higgins all won twice for the winners.

    Leaders Unison Black beat St Clares Bandits 10-0 in Division 4. Chris Bone, Josh Colombi and Heather George was the successful line-up. PW Blue won 7-3 against rivals SESA Satellites to move clear in second place. Pete Slatter was undefeated and Neil Lockton won two. Lovedean beat BCA Yellow 8-2 with three wins by Len Couzens and two apiece for Ray Marshall and Sandy Collier. SESA Mercury squeezed home 6-4 in their game with St Clares Swifts. Brian Forsey won three, Roger Tricker two and they combined to win the doubles 16-14 in the deciding leg. Ray Gunter won two for Swifts. Eastoke Cougars completed a surprise 7-3 win against Sixth Avenue B with a hat trick from John Davey and two by Gary Bannister and another by Graham Bannister. Paul Tomsett replied by beating both twins. Last placed Wyeth A got a welcome point in their match with Avenue Toucans. Steve Prior scored a treble for Wyeth. Dave Fitzgibbons and Sue Brightman won two each for Toucans..

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