Cycling & Transport Organisations

National Organisations

  • 20's Plenty For Us - campaign for the implementation of 20 mph as the default speed limit on residential roads in the UK.
  • CTC - Cycling Tourist Club is Britain's largest national cycling organisation campaigns for cyclists’ rights, facilities, routes and representation in local, national government and other agencies
  • Cyclenation - formarly the Cycle Campaign Network
  • Bike Week - formerly the national festival of cycling
  • Living Streets - formally The Pedestrians Association
  • Bike Hub - Supporting the future of cycling.
  • RoadPeace - the UK charity providing support for victims of road crashes and campaigning for justice, road safety and road danger reduction.
  • Sustrans "sustainable transport" - is a charity working on practical projects such as the national cycle network and safe routes to schools to encourage people to walk and cycle more, so as to help reduce motor traffic and its adverse effects.
  • British Cycling - is the internationally recognised governing body of cycle sport in the UK
  • ETA - The Environmental Transport Association is the environmental alternative to the RAC and AA. It offers a national breakdown service and campaigns for a sound and sustainable transport system for Britain.
  • Campaign for Better Transport - transport that improves our quality of life and reduces our environmental impact
  • Resource Guide: Cycling on a Budget -
  • - Have a better life.
  • IAM - Institute of Advanced Motorists

Local Groups


Warrington Borough Council

  • Warringtonview - Warrington Borough Council home page
  • Warrington Cycle Forum - allows cyclists to meet regularly with Council Officers, Councillors and other interested parties and provides the ideal platform to exchange views and ideas in a fairly informal way.
  • LTP 3 - Local Transport Plan
  • UDP - Unitary Development Plan

National Goverment

Cycle Training & Technique
  • Bikeability - the new award scheme for National Standard cycle training - Cycle Proficiency for the 21st century.
  • Cyclecraft - The definitive guide to skilled cycling technique by John Franklin
  • BikeRight - Manchester based cycle training company delivering National Standard Cycle Training in Warrington.
  • Cycle Training UK - independent provider of on-road cycle training.
  • Bicycle Safety - Article by Myra VanInwegen about riding safely on the road.
  • Pennsylvania Bicycle Driver's Manual - from the US so you have to translate from left to right
  • The Theory of BIG - or how to claim your space on the road
Highway Design

Basic Principles

  • Hierarchy of Provision - explains the best way to provide a highway network for cyclists that is safe, convenient and attractive

Cycle Lanes

Shared Space

Highway Design Guides

How not to Design for Cyclists

Why Building Roads can Cause Congestion

Road Safety


  • Portsmouth - has become the first city in Britain to have a 20mph safety limit on almost all residential roads.
  • Hilden - reduced vehicle speeds to 30km/h throughout the built up area. As a result, cycling now accounts for a quarter of trips within the town.
  • Roadpeace - A 20 mph default is critical for reducing road danger in built up areas
  • The Slower Speeds Initiative - is a joint campaign of the Children's Play Council, CTC, ETA, Pedestrians' Association, Pedestrians' Policy Group, Road Danger Reduction Forum, RoadPeace, Sustrans and Transport 2000.
  • Towards a Safe Urban Speed Limit - Report of the Cyclists Urban Speed Limit Taskforce (Bicycle Federation of Australia)
  • 20's Plenty For Us - campaign for the implementation of 20 mph as the default speed limit on residential roads in the UK.


  • Bicycle Helmet Research Foundation - international organisation aiming to undertake, encourage, and spread the scientific study of the use of bicycle helmets, in the context of risk compensation and sustainable transport
  • CTC policy - after years of examining all the available research on helmets, believes that there is no clear or conclusive evidence to support the view that compulsory helmet-wearing would either advance the cause of cycling, or necessarily improve cyclists’ safety on the roads.
Cycling Information

Local Information

General Information


  • citycycling - the online magazine for cycling... in the... city
  • A to B magazine - Folding bikes, electric bikes, trailers, trikes and alternative transport
  • Bicycling Life - promoting cycling as a "normal" means of transportation
  • Velo Vision magazine - covering specialised bikes, cycling as transport and human power.
Local Information
Local Retailers



News Groups

  • uk.rec.cycling - wide ranging discussion on cycling.
  • uk.transport - general transport discussion group - tends to generate more heat than light.