Mingun Sayādaw

Bhaddanta  Vicittasārābhivaṃsa

Chapter on Miscellany

Edited and Translated by
Professor U Ko Lay and U Tin Lwin
Yangon, Myanmar

The Great Chronicles of Buddhas

The Great Chronicle of Buddhas

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Veneration to the Exalted One, the Homage-worthy, the Perfectly Self-Enlightened One


Miscellaneous notes on the perfections
for the benefit of those who aspire to Buddhahood

We conclude here the story of Sumedha the hermit in order to furnish miscellaneous notes on the ten perfections (as mentioned in the Commentary on the Cariyā Piṭaka) for the benefit of those who aspire to the supreme goal of Perfect Self-Enlightenment (Omniscience) and to enable them to acquire skill in comprehending, practising, and accumulating the requisites for Enlightenment.

In this chapter, the following pertinent features of the pāramī wil be dealt with in the form of questions and answers.