Tatted Fan

Copyright Rosemarie Peel 1998

A member of the Ring of Tatters called Lily told me that variegated thread would look good if I put a contrasting plain colour with it and that is how this fan got started. The fan sticks are 9 inches long. I've scanned two close-ups to show the three ways in which I worked the plain colour before I finally came up with the best answer: which is illustrated as the white motif pattern sample below. Photo of fan
Close up 1 The first attempt at making the green filling was made with ordinary rings. The thread trails up the side of the ring, lock joins to an appropriate picot before starting the next ring.
Once I had the dimensions I used split rings, can you see which is which on the first close-up?
Close up 2 In the second close-up can you see that the green rings come from the green chains using the second shuttle?
Fan Pattern On the diagram left the numbers in the top left-hand corner give you the pattern for the lozenge shape.
The lozenge has the variegated thread in its rings and these are attached to the fan sticks.
All the double stitch numbers for the plain rings which come between two lozenges are shown. They look rather uneven in the diagram but they work out fine in reality.
White sapmple The fan is made with 12 segments as shown in the photo here worked in white.
They join to each other as shown in the diagram above.
The segment needs to be worked with two shuttles so rings can be made off the chains.
Also make two end segments which do not have rings off the chains on the outside edges.

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