Tatted Angel for Christmas,

Copyright Rosemarie Peel 2011
(can be printed off - 2 x A4)

Angel 2011 This tatting pattern incorporates many techniques which are described here in the written pattern.
MATERIALS needed for this Angel (finished size is 4 inches tall x 3 inches wide)
1 inch diameter plastic curtain ring
White, pale pink, and pale yellow No.20 thread
1 shuttle
loop of invisible thread for holding the angel.
fawn felt. Cut angel's dress line drawn pattern
8 x 4mm gold beads
8 inches of beading wire, and a pair of pliars.
4 cm gauge for measuring hair.
With shuttle and the ball of pale pink thread:- Loop the thread onto a paperclip to start a chain.
Chain 10, dp (hold the core thread on another paperclip)
Continue chain 10, LJ (to the thread held by the second paperclip which has been removed),
Continue chain 12. Cut the ball and shuttle threads 6 inches long.
Put both ends on a needle and take them through A on the front left hand side of the angel's felt dress.
Take one thread out of the needle and bring the other thread up at B.
Remove the starting paperclip and take the thread on through the starting picot and back through the felt to tie off with the other end at the back.
Chain 12, dp, 10, LJ, 10.
Follow the same procedures as for the left arm

One shuttle full of yellow thread. Leave a 6 inch end
1 reverse ds working clockwise round the curtain ring. Use the 4cm gauge to make a very long picot. (see photo)
In all make 14 long picots each separated by 1 reverse ds. Move the gauge out and along every 5 picots because of the curve.
Take the shuttle through the loop of invisible thread.
Make 1 reverse ds then 14 more 4cm long picots separated by just the one reverse ds.
Make a 15th picot on this side 6 inches long, cut to make two 6 inch lengths.
8 reverse ds, LJ to felt at first neck mark
WARNING mind your finger with the hook!
(2 reverse ds, LJ to felt at next neck mark)x 2
8 reverse ds, leave end 6 inches long to use with starting 6 inches. Cut all other picots into 4cm lengths and tie into side pony tails with 6 inch lengths and trim all.TIP Dab the finished hair-do with a wet cloth to set it and leave to dry.

Start of Angel's wing THE ANGEL'S WINGS
Wind a shuttle full from a ball of white thread, do not cut apart. First large ring 5 - 20 RW. Fold wire in half and loop it over the close-up point of this ring.To make the following stiffened chain, pull the wire back and leave one inch to work with. (Refer to photo)
Take the wire through the next chain as if working in an end. Pliars are needed to pull the wire along every so often.
Chain 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5 - 5
when finished pull wire so it's loop is hidden in close up point of 1st large Ring, RW, 2nd large Ring 20 - 5. Curve the wire between the two large rings.Bend wire's end over close-up point of 2nd large Ring, trim wire end to a quarter inch and hide in the next chain.
[Chain 3 - 3, LJ to next picot on wired chain] 14 times, the last time is to close-up point of 1st large ring.
Chain 3 + to picot on previous chain, RW
[Ring 5 + 10 - 5, RW, Chain 3 + (to picot on next adjacent chain) 3 RW,] 5 times, Ring 5 + 15, RW,
Chain (at centre between two wings) 3 + 6 + 3, RW,
Ring 15 - 5, RW, [Chain 3 + 3, RW, Ring 5 + 10 - 5, RW,] 4 times, Chain 3 + 3, RW, Ring 5 + 10 + 5, RW.
Join to last picot, Chain 3. Fasten off to the close-up point of 2nd large ring. Sew wings to back of angel.

Angel wings ANGEL'S BACK VIEW SHOWING WINGS (Prototype in photo is slightly different)

Put the 8 beads on white thread and wind half a yard of the thread onto a shuttle leaving the beads on the ball thread. LJ to the first mark on the bottom of the felt skirt,[Chain 3 -b 3, LJ to the next mark,] 8 times. Fasten off at the last mark.

Angel's felt dress ANGEL'S SKIRT
Use this line drawing to cut out the angel's skirt in felt and see where joins are made to it.

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