Dr. Pete Invites You To His World.

My World, M42 in the Orion Nebula.

I bring light & knowledge to all earthlings.


Below are fifteen well known Intergalactic facts which have been kept secret from earth.


This information is brought to you over many light years and is put into many earth languages by a supreme being with an IQ equivalent to your earth measurement of 60 million. If you see this person shown below do not approach as he has the ability  to cause your knees to melt by thought power alone.


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Dr.Pete. The Supreme Being


1. Why do we not fall off the earth? During intercourse, the man will pass to the woman in his seminal fluid, sub-atomic lead particles, which during fetal development migrate by diffusion (Ficks 2ndLaw:  (dc/dt)x = d/dx.(D.(dc/dx)t)), to the soles of the feet. That is why when a baby is born, it is turned upside down and smacked on the buttocks to remove any un-coagulated lead precipitates. 

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2. Where does rain come from you ask, look no further than the common garden slug. Approach the slug after dark and speak in a quiet gentle voice "ng ng, FF, mxl" the slug will provide the answer by drawing complex differential mathematical equations on the ground with his slime.

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3. How does a car radio work? I have been asked that many times but no one believes the truth. During the first world war, the Norwegians developed "Nano Technology" and found they could clone minor species of the mammal world and miniaturize. This finally led to the Germans in 1930 who pushed  "Nano Technology" to the present, where by "Nano Musicians" by the thousands are manufactured and sealed in metallic boxes. Have you never wondered why a car radio bleeds if damaged.

Click Here for the Lost "Lowrey" Cartoon


4. Where does the term "Practical Joke" come from?
In 1609 ad, a crippled sculptor by the name of "Practicalius Jokeinorius" was the butt of scorn by the mathematician Galileo.
To get  his revenge, Practicalius placed a round piece of quartz into the end of a hollow bamboo cane and placed dried dung at the other end, knowing that Galileo would, because of his inquisitiveness, place his eye on the dung end and look through it.
Unfortunately, when Galileo did look through the bamboo tube he called it a telescope ( which is Latin for bastard) and became famous.

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5. The Gibbs equation for free energy is G=(H)-(T.S), or so you think !
Basically, Religion=Sport=Control. That is why there are so many religious leaders and sports person on earth (lower intelligence). This is the earth governmental method of mass hypnosis, by keeping people occupied with trivia, thus stopping the populace thinking about the state of the earth.
Returning to G=(H)-(T.S);  At the start of organized government states, it was discovered that the number of people that can be controlled equates to:-

G= Governmental Control (number of people)
H= Hypnosis (people interested in sport or religion)
T= Thinkers (people with free thought)
S= Sports (non participants in H)

Why do you think every country on your earth has a minister for sport!


6. Before Man. The dog was the ruler of earth for many millions of years, so MY history books tell ME.
100 million years ago all dogs had detachable tails and at night the tails were removed for grooming and put away to keep dry.
On one cataclysmic night a meteor fell to earth and caused great devastation, in the ensuring panic, the panicked dogs grabbed and attached the nearest tails that were at hand (or paw).
As the years have passes the dogs tail has become an integral part of their anatomy by evolution, but in their genetic history they still sub-consciously remember the times of detachable tails, that is why one can see a dog sniff another dogs tail, this is not a sexual advance but a canine in-built need of discovery to see if the tail is theirs, or does it belong to another dog.

Animals in History, Click Here This may take a minute or so to load, please be patient, press the refresh button to re-play.


7. The internal combustion engine. The theory of thermodynamics for the internal combustion engine were proposed by a Frenchman by the name of Carnot, but the manufacture was left to Mr. Benz & Mr. Daimler, WRONG. 
The first working model was manufactured by an Irishman called Patrick Dwyer, this prototype which ran on the "external combustion" theory, alas caught fire and burnt to the ground.

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8. DIY. The obsession with "Do It Yourself" is not a later 20th century fixation, the idea of DIY was first proposed in 1810 by a family called the Dunsdons who lived in Erith, Kent, England.
Mr. Dunsdon philosophized that by continually destroying parts of ones property over a long period of time (hence the term DIY, "Destroy It Yourself"), the female members of the household could be aggravated by seemingly unintentional means and the male members of the household could retire to ale houses for sustenance and advice on hammers or other precision instruments.
It is of little known fact that this philosophical approach to life is still pursued by his relatives to this day .
The Victorian house of sixteen bedrooms is down to two, with the wonderful "Inigo Jones" designed garden being used as an adventure playground and activity holidays for poor families.

Click here for Old Mr. Dunsdon & son at play


9. Elvis Impersonators. The name "Elvis" is Tibetan for "Wise One".
Elvis Presley was brought to your planet in 408 bc, to bring light & wisdom to a backward race of bi-peds, but due to a miscalculation on our part did not receive the welcome we anticipated.
It was not until your earth year of 1958 that Elvis began to spread the light of inner wisdom and higher learning. It is not well known that Elvis discovered quantum mechanics, theory of flight and nuclear fission, note that "E=M.(C)^2" actually equates to :-

E= Elvis
M= Medical Dysfunction
C= Cost of New Clothes

Therefore: Elvis= (Unwell People).(Very Rich)^2

Hence many of your race worship Elvis by dressing in flamboyant sequined attire and gyrate to pre-determined steps as laid down in the mists of time by the patron Saint of dance, St. Vitus.

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10. Visitors. The earth has been visited many times over the millennia by many races, but in the earth year of 1966 you were visited by a race of people from M104, what you call the "Sombrero Galaxy". This race of highly advanced and cruel beings known as the "blendings" were intent on the colonization of your planet.
After 5.5 Million light years of traveling the gravitational waves they arrived above your Atlantic Ocean descending at a narrow angle of 4 degrees at a speed of "0.9C", or in your terms (Light Speed)x(0.9) which equals  270,000 km/s, finally landing near the Sussex Downs.
Unfortunately for the blendings,  but fortunate for earth, these highly advanced galactic warriors had underestimated size, and landed in a saucer of milk, where upon the feline known as "Biggles" promptly lapped them up and swallowed the entire 15,000 spacecraft.
Biggles the cat went on to become famous by having six  deformed kittens on Brighton railway station and  delaying the 6.10 am train to Victoria, London.

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11. Stone Henge. What is or what was Stone Henge, was it a place of worship, an early astrolabe, a megalithic calendar?
Well, our records on M42 show that Stone Henge was built to house the first Druidic English "Hide-and-Seek" Championships, (Phase I construction).
As the religious idea of "Hide-and-Seek" spread across Europe to replace the religion of the "Dead Dog", the phase II construction was undertaken to encompass the expected larger groups of competitors.
Phase III construction was completed around 2500-1600 BC, to allow the world "Hide-and-Seek" championships to take place on the summer solstice, the winner being sacrificed on the "Alter Stone" (if they could be found), to appease the Druidic God, St. Dung.

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12. The Pyramids. The Pyramids of Egypt were created before humans existed by a race of extraterrestrial homosexuals who were obsessed with cruet sets.
The names of the Pyramids will explain the truth; "The Great Pyramids of Cheops" was originally called "The Great Pyramids of Chaps", "The Great Pyramids of Gizeh" was called "The Great Pyramid of a Geezer", what about the "Queens Chamber" etc, note the eye makeup on the male figures as depicted in the Hieroglyphs, do I need to say more?
This extinct race of great architects were, due to homesickness, obsessed with table-ware from their home planet, hence the Pyramidal shape were based on their dinner table "cruet sets", in fact most Pyramids have a hole at the apex to allow the salt and pepper to flow when the builders were in the after life.

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13). Dreams. You humans are basically a scientific experiment watched over by superior beings such as myself. You think you dream, but in fact you are subconsciously reliving your continued abduction and examination by aliens. (Why the medical specialists insist on anal probes I can not answer).

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My Confession: During visits and holidays on your planet, I must confess to having a "Liaison" with several of your backward female bi-peds, (if my Overlord was to discover this transgression I would be sent to the Volcano complex at  "" on M42).
The result of these "Liaisons", were cross-bred superior earthly bi-peds, but alas, they do not in any way meet the mental requirements of M42 beings, and would thus be terminated if I took them home.

Click Here to view my eldest cross-breed at play.

Click Here to observe my younger male cross-breed having fun standing on one leg and looking out the window.

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You earthlings are obsessed with fashion and style. The time and money you spend on cosmetics and so called "looking good" is counter productive in that the chemicals contained in the cosmetics are harmful to your skin and will thus age your appearance prematurely.
Click Here to view the secret film of how the "Anthony The Wise One" completes his Makeover and removes wrinkles.
For an alternative to earth type makeup and harmful cosmetics, click Here, to see how extraterrestrial technology from my planet M42 can help you. With my patented "non-surgical/non-invasive" DIY free face-lift kit; you can instantly look younger, feel more youthful and have untold confidence.


14). Communication. All Earth Governments are aware of our visits and are in full cooperation.  This fact is kept secret from ordinary earthlings like yourselves for fear of religious disbelief, rejection of order, revolt and anarchy.
Why do you think are large steel structure of 984 feet in height was built in Paris, France, in 1889.
This massive construction of revolutionary design was accomplished by Gustav Eiffel on behalf of the French government, to guide all extraterrestrial traveling devices when visiting the "Great Exhibition" of 1889-1890, for our perusal of your puny technical developments during the 19th century.
(If visiting, note the heavy-duty power cables attached to each leg at the bottom and the large ducting leading to the river Seine for the cooling of the microwave generators.)

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15). Mind Control. The "Tower of London" was used by the British Government from 1779 until 1974 for the mind control of children.  This was accomplished by the automatic pencil sharpener in basement Number 2, adjacent to "Traitors Gate".
The machine was used to sharpen pencils for all of Britain; the residue was ground into fine powder and distributed to schools where it was sprayed inside classrooms prior to morning lessons.
Have you never wondered why you can never forget the smell of pencil shavings from primary school.

Your puny minds are easily controlled, click Here to watch a film of an old man drinking a cup of tea and I will alter your perception of what you see by mind control at a distance. This may take a minute or so to load, please be patient, press the refresh button to re-play.


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