This page will only house the images that aren't in limited edition print, new works and works in progress.

Portrait Of Elliot

Portrait of Olivia

NEW    Untitled study 54    NEW

Clouds Roll By

NEW    Clouds Roll By    NEW

NEW    Untitled study 52    NEW

NEW    Untitled Study 53    NEW

Sandy Bay

Red Gates

Hedge Lanes


Untitled study 49

Untitled study 50

By The Lamplight


Untitled study 48

Untitled study 47

Shady Lane


Darkness Descends

Emerald Glow

Returning Home


Heart Of The Village

Heart Of The Village - Study version

Sunset Beach


Moonlight Bay

The Old Farm Cottage

Beach Huts


Shades Of Moonlight

Breaking Waves

The Sound Of The Sea


Rocky Beach

Birth Of A New Day  (private commission) 

Watching The Boats


Pink Sunset

One Man And His Dog



Clouds Passing By

A New Day Dawns

Hot Summer Nights


The Coastal Path

Hidden Village

Untitled study 46


Untitled study 45

Untitled study 44

Untitled Study 43


Untitled study 41

Untitled study 40

Untitled study 38


Christmas Eve

Quiet Days

Seasons Changing


Lavender In Bloom

Untitled study 37

Shades of Lavender


Field of Poppies

Changing Colours

Working The Land 


Let The Sunshine In

Golden Glow

Fields of Gold


Untitled study 32

Untitled study 34

Untitled study 35


Untitled study 31

Sunshine Valley


Under The Moonlight

Untitled study 30

New January 2010 (currently untitled)


Untitled study 27

Untitled study 26

Untitled study 25


Untitled study 24

Untitled study 23

Untitled study 22


Untitled study 21

Purple Haze

Rolling Hills


Untitled Study 20

Melting Snow

Our Cosy Cottage


Untitled study 19

Untitled study 18

Untitled study 17


Untitled study 16

Reclining Nude

Watching The World Go By


Hearts Desire

Untitled Study 15

Untitled Study 14


Untitled Study 13

Untitled Study 12

Untitled Study 11


Untitled Study 10

The Woodcutter


Returning Home

Sailing Free

Untitled Study 9


Untitled Study 8

Turquoise Delight

Summer Haze


Village Life

Totally Organic

Untitled Study 7


Blustery Day (Square version)

Window To The Moon

Growing Season


Untitled Study 5

An Improving Picture

Untitled Study 4


Blustery Day

By The Water

River Crossing


Untitled Study 3

Untitled Study 2

A New Beginning


One Starry Night      Emerald Dreams Untitled miniature


Evening Light Harvest Time After The Rains


   Frosty Mornings   Country Manor  Evenings By The Sea

Moonlight, Silvery Moonlight Secret Cove A Peaceful Place

Some examples of my previous work  prior to joining Washington Green

(Photorealism and Magic Realism)


Chercher le chef d'oeuvre David And The Desert Island Four Balls In A Box


MC Stepping Stone Path To A Secret Door In The Sky Where David Resides Momentary Glimpse Of A Secret Room

Four Balls And Their Reflections Six Balls At Sunset Striped Trio

Barbi Checker Balls Under Pink Light The Same Dream But Different


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