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These slash stories focus on Gambit, Remy LeBeau, one of the authors favorite characters. Please note that these stories are all rated NC-17 and Alternate Universe.

So Dream While Secrets of Darkness Unfold. (Unfinished!)

Remy unexpectedly finds himself in the nineteenth century where he runs in to Essex. Confused to why he has been send back in time, he tries to stop Apocalypse from getting to Essex and changing Essex in to Sinister. A lot of unexpected things happen...

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3


These are four stories and should be read in the correct order, otherwise they won't make much sense. The eyes of a Child is the first story, followed by Shadows and Insanity. Return to Innocence is now finished. Please note that this story deals with rape and child abuse and is therefore rated NC-17.

1. The eyes of a child.   In two parts;  Part 1  Part 2.  - Remy is living on the streets of New Orleans until he meets Jean-Luc LeBeau and his life changes drastically. Many thanks to Mems for beta reading the parts!

2. Shadows.   - This sequel starts with Remy being abandoned by Rogue at Antarctica. Still mourning Benjamin and Dave's death and having to leave Mike behind, he tries to pick up the pieces and returns to Westchester to live in the boathouse, shunned by most X-Men and he's taken off the team. Tragedy strikes again and Remy finds himself comforting one of his teammates.

3. Insanity   - As months pass by the team settles back into their routine, but Creed's still lurking and plans on using Remy to control his urges. When Remy faces insanity, Scott begins to realize his attraction to the Cajun.

4. Return to Innocence   - Remy discovers that Scott's secret wish is having a real family, including kids. Frustrated that he can't fulfill Scott's wish because he's a man he seeks out Sinister's help, uncertain if the mad scientist will lure him into another trap. Accepting all risks that come with a male pregnancy, he hides his condition from Scott until destiny strikes.

4B. Nine months...   - What would it have been like for Remy and Scott if Apocalypse hadn't interfered and Remy had been nine months pregnant? This is just a little alternate ending for Return to Innocence. NC-17!


Never Again  Remy/Bobby and Remy/Sinister. Remy's hiding at the boathouse, trying to deal with a past that haunts him. Bobby gets fed up with Remy's attitude and tries to find out what's going on. Slowly, Bobby discovers what monster lurks in Remy's past.

The Christmas Series.

Experiencing Christmas   - Remy and Jean-Luc meet for the first time.

New Year's Eve at the LeBeau Household   - Jean-Luc and Remy celebrate New Year's Eve together.

The Ghost of Christmas Present   - Bobby reveals his feelings to Remy.

Learning to Trust Again.   - Remy doesn't trust easy and Bobby has to prove his love.

The Cold from Hell.   - Remy develops a terrible cold.

Reunion and Revelations  - Bobby takes actions when Remy's nightmares continue.

The fallen angel Arc.
Series of 4 stories. Pairing; Remy & Bobby and Logan & Warren.

Fallen angel  Remy LeBeau is left behind in Antarctica by the X-Men, but an arch enemy saves his life and takes him in.

Blood of heroes   This is the sequel to Fallen angel in which Warren (Death) makes his first appearance, almost shattering Remy and Bobby's dreams. After the madness wears off, Warren has to find a way to learn to live with himself and Logan offers a helping hand. This is were another pairing is added, Warren/ Logan.

Master of Puppets   The third in the Fallen Angel Arc. Remy learns his true identity and Sinister is going to do his best to get Remy back in to his lab. Luckily, Magneto and Bobby are keeping a close eye on Gambit. Warren and Logan realize that they're attracted to each other and take their relationship to the next level.

The Miracle of Love   In two parts;  Part 1  Part 2  The last of the series in which Remy overcomes his depression and fully realizes the love Bobby bears him. But Apocalypse needs a new Death and decides that Remy makes a suitable candidate. During all this chaos a young boy looks to Remy to find the love and affection his deceased parents can no longer give him. Warren has to face his own hell when Apocalypse uses him as bait to lure Remy closer. When Warren faces losing his wings for a second time he's ready to die. Logan however, is resolved to save him and to take him home.


Damaged  In two parts;  Part 1 Part 2  This story is dedicated to Rebop. A Remy/ Jono story, rated NC-17. After being left behind for dead at Antarctica, Remy's found by his arch nemesis, Sinister. At the same time, Jono moves in to the mansion as Emma feels he's ready to join the X-Men. Jono finds himself strangely attracted to Remy's room and while touching the Cajun's personal belongings, he receives images, which lead him to believe that Remy's still alive. Motivated by guilt, Scott gives in to Jono's request and they start searching for Remy LeBeau.

Chrysalis  This is the sequel to Damaged. Jono and Remy explore the extent of their love and Jono learns how to control his powers. The team is reunited and Remy has to face Rogue.


Understand Me In two parts;  Part 1  Part 2  After the trial of Gambit, Remy returns to the mansion and realizes he's no longer wanted there. Desperate to get some attention, to feel again, he makes a dangerous move. Warning; This story mentions bondage, SM, emotional child abuse and is rated NC-17.


Black Wings   Crossover Armand/ Remy. A short story about Remy LeBeau who runs in to Armand (Anne Rice) while making plans to steal the Birth of Venus by Botticelli. Confused, Remy joins Armand for dinner and things evolve from there...


Ghosts of the Past In two parts;  Part 1 Part 2   In this story, Remy has found his way back to the mansion after surviving Antarctica. This story doesn't stick to cannon and there will be no strange entity that saved Remy's life. After the trial he moves into the boathouse and wonders why the hell he's staying in Westchester. At the same time Logan is tormented by nightmares. Distrustful of his memories he loses touch with reality as memories return to haunt him. Unfortunately, it's not only the past that is haunting the couple, as an old enemy tries to get even with him in real life. In the midst of all this chaos, Remy and Logan find they need to trust each other if they want to survive. Subpairings, Chamber/Bobby Drake and Warren/original female character.


(The author's personal favorite of all the Gambit stories She wrote.)

1.Heaven Sent  Part 1  Part 2  Part 3  Part 4  Part 5  Warren visits New Orleans on a business trip and doesn't know that there is a contact to kill him, which the Assassins' Guild accepted to carry out. While returning from a nightclub, Warren runs into an Assassins' trap. Facing death, an old team mate comes to the rescue. Warren flees, following Gambit's instructions. Once they are in safety, He realizes that the Cajun has amnesia and everything that happened after the age of 10 is now a blank. However, assassins don't give up that easily....

2.Hold fast that which is good   In two parts;   Part 1  Part 2   Sequel to Heaven Sent. Main pairing is Remy/Warren. Rating; NC-17. Remy and Warren's love deepens during their honeymoon, which gets cut short because Warren's brother dies and leaves behind his son Jason. Now, Remy and Warren face the challenge of raising a prejudiced 15 years old. Scott has to deal with Corsair's unexpected arrival and now has to tell his father that Corsair's youngest son is alive. In the meantime, Warren and Jason come to blows. Enraged, Jason decides to leave Warren and Remy.

Hold on to my Heart.   When Jean-Luc dies unexpectedly, Warren finds himself comforting Remy.

Live and Learn

Part 1 Kids   Warning, nc-17 for sexual situations. This story is completely AU. In it, Warren's dad decides that his eleven year old son needs a companion and some attitude adjustment. He picks up a young hustler on Bourbon Street and introduces him to Warren as his adopted brother. Then mayhem ensues. Rated NC-17 for the sexual situations on poor Remy gets himself in to!

Part 2 Adults  Ten years after Warren drove Remy away he returns to New Orleans. Betsy dumped him and he's taken a leave of absence from the X-Men. Finding himself on Bourbon Street, he picks up a young hustler, which has grave consequences.

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