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Encounters with John Tams

Interviews and gig reviews not to be found elsewhere on the internet (contributions welcome). Continue further down the page for the links to other online reources.

As published in fRoots magazine May 2000, and reproduced here with permission
(Link to current fRoots website)

Jennifer meets John in The Griffin, December 2001

Nettlebed Folk Club, April 2002

John Tams Newsletter Autumn 2002

The Fishpond, Matlock Bath, November 2002 (by Colin Hall)

The Fishpond, Matlock Bath, November 2002 (by Meriel)

"Home" interview with Colin Hall

Lowlands Away Team, February 2003

Holmfirth, March 2003

Christmas Concert, 2003

***NEW*** Christmas Concert 2004

Heavy Reading

This is how this website originally started - the results of mis-spent hours searching for "John Tams" minus pottery, ceramics, jug, small black hats, Tennessee Association of Middle Schools (yes, really) etc... Yes, you guessed it, he has a few namesakes. If anyone finds good stuff I haven't listed please let me know.

There are two concert reviews and a review of "Home" on the Folking.com page.

If your eyesight is good then check out the Druids and Muckram Wakes album covers (not to mention Albion Band etc) that the Folkmonster has scanned, there are some wonderful little snippets of information in there.

There was a good article in the Independent in November 2000. I went to my library and got it from their CDrom archive, or you could visit Northern Light and pay $2.95 for it, which is probably cheaper in the long run. Sorry I can't find it on the net for free for you!

1988 interview Does anyone else get the feeling this interview ends rather suddenly? Also, he doesn't really answer the first question, why he doesn't play much melodeon any more, so we'd still like to know. It was hardly something he dabbled in.

No Masters This is the music co-operative he founded with Jim Boyes.

Now here's a new snippet of local information. So that's what he means when he says "When I worked as a journalist."

John Tams is working on the third album of a three album deal with Topic Records. Their website has reviews and biographical details.

Adastra promote the John Tams Band and have been kind enough to link to my site too, so you can go round in circles!

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