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A song about growing old disgracefully, written by Tams and Bill Caddick for the play Don Quixote. One of those they rushed off to the bar to hammer out with a bottle of red wine, only to frequently find the play was overrunning and the song would be left out.

The Old Man's Song (Bill Caddick/John Tams "in that order...")

If they ask you where the old man's gone
You may say you saw me leaving
If they ask you did I crawl
You may say that I was riding

If they ask you was I bent with care
And did I hang my head in sorrow
You may say that I rode tall
Looking forward to tomorrow

If they ask you did I travel light
With no provisions close beside me
Say my saddle bags are filled
With all the dreams I need to guide me

All you ask of me is questions
Living in the past they say
Why should I have all the answers?
Let me make my way

Did they laugh and say he's lost his mind
And did they ever stop to wonder
Just what the fool would hope to find
On the road that leads to yonder?