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From the 2002 album "Home"

The Ballroom

Cinderella goes dancing tonight she's got reasons of her own
But it's easy to see you can take it from me she won't go home alone
She knows there's a face in the crowd who will wake by her side
Greedy or lean, greasy or clean - he's got nowhere to hide

Casanova's got style you can tell - he's dressed to impress
From the cut of his mane to his golden neckchain he's the picture of shabby success
If only his pockets would stretch as well as his jeans
The money's all gone - but the show must go on - he's got the ways but he's not got the means

And they're dancing at the golden ballroom
Where the crystal mirrors shine
Dancing just to stay in motion
Dancing just to stay in time

Sweet Violet she clings to the wall where the shadows descend
As the music gets loud - she's lost in the crowd - she talks to her fictional friend
She keeps herself to herself as she laughs all alone
You may think it's sad - but it isn't so bad - at least she knows who'll be walking her home

And they dance til the deals are made
Dance til the debts are paid
Dance til the plans are laid
Safe in the night
Dance til the chance is gone
Dance til the deals are done
Dance til the dawn comes on
Afraid of the light

Dancing til the deals are made...

Dancing - dancing - dancing...