UK Games Associations

Find news and information on mindsports in the UK! The list below contains information on mindsports associations and their websites. Where there is not an organisation specific to the UK, an international organisation or a main UK contact may be listed instead. Proprietary games organisations are only listed where these are run by the players and not solely by the games company.


The English Bridge Union is the national governing body for duplicate bridge in England. It organises national championships, publishes magazines and newsletters, sells bridge supplies and promotes the game.


The Oware Society UK organises the game of oware in this country. It arranges tournaments, workshops and exhibitions and sells boards, books and software. It also produces a newsletter.


The British Shogi Federation organises national championships of shogi and supports and encourages other tournaments and shogi clubs. It publishes a quarterly journal Shoten and promotes the game of shogi.


The British Isles Backgammon Association promotes the game of backgammon in the UK. It organises twelve tournaments a year and provides a newsletter and other information to members.


The English Draughts Association organises the game of draughts in England, and their website also has information about the other draughts associations in the UK.


The English Chess Federation is the organisation that controls, directs and promotes the playing of chess in England. It is recognised by the UK government and by the international chess federation FIDE. The other countries of the UK have their own chess federations.


The British Othello Federation promotes the game of Othello in the UK and organises tournaments all over the country. It participates in the European Grand Prix and sends three players each year to the world championships.


The Association of British Scrabble Players was founded in 1987 to promote matchplay Scrabble tournaments. It provides support for organisers of other events and organises a ratings system. It also publishes a magazine The Last Word.


The British Go Association promotes and supports the playing of the game Go in the UK. The BGA has existed for over 30 years, and is involved in organising and coordinating tournaments.

Xiang Qi:

The UK Chinese Chess Association organises the game of xiang qi in the UK. For more information, contact Mr C K Lai, 12 Haslam St, London.


The International Omweso Society is based in this country and can give information on the game in the UK. The society is a not-for-profit organisation which helps to increase the awareness of omweso. There is a club in London run by the society.


The Renju International Federation has a UK representative and can give information on renju in the UK. The federation was formed in 1988. It organises world championships and publishes the magazine Renju World.


The Federation Mondiale du Jeu de Dames has information about Dames, the international form of draughts, and about various types of draughts played around the world.

Chess Variants:

The British Chess Variants Society publishes the magazine Variant Chess and organises tournaments.


The British Skat Association exists to promote the game of skat in Britain.


The International Fanorona Association can provide information about fanorona in the UK and throughout the world. It can be contacted at 278a Meeting Street, Charleston, S Carolina USA.


The UK Bao Page has information on the game of Bao, and a contact for anyone interested in playing the game in the UK.