British Small Board Go Championship

Sunday 21 November 2010 at Trinity Junior Parlour, Trinity College, Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 1TQ

The Tournament

The winner becomes the British 13x13 Go Champion and holds the splendid trophy for one year. We will use the same tournament system which has been very successful in previous years those in contention for the top prize play even games, others play handicap games.

The handicap system has worked very well in the past. So we hope that as usual this will be an attractive event for novices and young players as well as those aiming to be a national champion.

The entry fee is 9 (7.50 for BGA members) and concessions are 5 (4 for BGA members and Cambridge junior players). We are restricted to 32 places in the tournament room so late entries may be disappointed. We will put a list of entrants on the tournament web page; please let us know if you don't want your name to appear.

Trinity Junior Parlour is in Whewell's Court, on the opposite side of Trinity Street from the Trinity College main entrance gate.


You can see a list of players entered for the tournament so far.


There will be a 50 cash prize for the winner and 20 for the best junior player. The other prizes will depend on the number of entries.


We have kept the shortened time limits of 15 minutes sudden death, and we will aim to fit in as many rounds as possible. We hope there will be no fewer than 8 rounds.


Everyone is welcome to join the organisers after the tournament to eat at Carluccio's in Cambridge at 17:30. Please let us know if you would be interested in coming along. Parents/partners/etc are also welcome.


To enter please send the following information to Paul Smith or phone me on 01223 563932. Or contact me if you have any questions or need any further information.