Maureen Karnowski - Acupuncture

Lic Ac MBAcC


Facial Revitalisation Acupuncture

Facial revitalisation acupuncture is a non-surgical but effective treatment used to eliminate fine lines and make deeper lines look softer.

It can reduce sagging and gives the face a natural radiance.

Facial revitalisation acupuncture involves the insertion of very fine disposable needles which are then attached to an electro acupuncture unit.

This stimulates the needles by passing a very mild electrical impulse through them.

The treatment is holistic in nature and for this reason also involves the insertion of needles into acupuncture points on the body which will help address any internal disharmony.

Once the needles are removed the treatment continues with a vigourous Chinese massage (Tui-na), followed by heat treatment and finally a relaxing massage.

Duration : 45 minutes

Cost : £40


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