Gallery 11


Mary met MIKE HURST (former SPRINGFIELD and record producer) at a social event, and at his suggestion joined a new band that he was putting together with MIKE deALBUQUERQUE former E.L.O

They called the band SUNDANCE, and in Mary's defence it all seemed to start out well, it was to be a close harmony singing group, but they turned into a 'Pebble Mill TV lunchtime show, come cabaret, singing trio' !

The only record they released was on the BRONZE label called "What's Love" It was just wonderful to hear her voice, and see her regularly on the TV. And one of the bonus's of this project was that they did a great tour of Britain with DR. HOOK and I they sounded much better live.

The set opened up with a great song " Lovin up a storm", and finished with "Golden Threads and Silver Needles/Never goin back" a superb version, also included were "Those were the days" and "Island of Dreams" "So sad", "Whats love, "Dreamlover" and "Cottonfields."

Unfortunately, It all ended on rather a sour note, Mary had explained to them before it all started that she did not want to return to the 'showbiz' roundabout of cabarets etc, and so she was sacked! there was plenty of newspaper coverage at the time and their record company Bronze said ''she was sacked because of disagreements and her inability to commit herself to planned arrangements'' Oh Well!

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