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  • Footpath bridge (existing)
  • Footpath Bridge (new)
  • Road Bridge
  • Bridge under Stroud Railway Line (existing)


The Canal traverses an area of scrubby grass, probably the flood plain of the River Ray, between some factories on the west and the River Ray on the east. The land does not appear to be used for anything else, and carries what appears to be an unofficial footpath.

After a couple of hundred yards, it is crossed by a long footpath bridge, which can be accessed at the eastern end from the end of Barnfield Road, alongside Minety Fencing.
The river passes underneath near the eastern end; the Canal would presumably pass under near the western end.
Barnfield Footpath Bridge

The Canal continues on an area of long grass, turning to the left round a small copse, and crosses under a public footpath that was once the Midland & South Western Junction Railway. Probably.
It follows the footpath, in a deepening cutting as the land rises, up to the crossing of the single track Stroud line of the railway.
This land has been used as a tip for many years, and is not the best sort of terrain for a canal; it will require clay or synthetic lining.
The track of the Canal here goes round the boundary of the sewage works; an obvious potential source of water, especially with Swindon expanding at a phenomenal rate.
The Feasibility Study suggested a lock up to a short intermediate summit and a lock down; this is clearly unacceptable.

The railway bridge has two arches, one of which could easily be made available for the Canal. Probably the northern one (left in the picture). A road bridge may be necessary for the track in the foreground, which goes to some sort of building.
Railway Bridge


There are no independent water supplies on this section.


Needs further investigation.

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