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Length: 1200yds/1.1km
O.S. Reference:
Height of water level A.O.D.:


  • Footpath crossing 131840
  • Sainsbury's Tunnel
  • Mannington Lock
  • Great Western Way Bridge 131851


Wootton Bassett Road Bridge

The Canal emerges from the bridge under Wootton Bassett Road, parallel with the river. The bridge is plenty wide enough to accommodate both.
WB Road Bridge

A footpath crosses, which will require a bridge.
There is a scrubby, marshy area through which the river and Canal will pass, until the river at present turns right and enters the tunnel under Sainsbury's carpark.

Tunnel entrance 33.7kB

Sainsbury's Tunnel

The south end of the tunnel. The iron cage around it was built in 1999, plus a useful access road. I'm not sure what they hoped to achieve.

The present plan is to build a smaller tunnel, or pipe, to take the river flow, and enlarge the existing tunnel to accommodate the Canal.
The Canal could then act as an overflow channel for storm conditions.

The Canal emerges from Sainsbury's tunnel

The Canal now runs round two sides of Mannington Recreation Ground. The river takes the eastern side, the Feasibility Study proposes that the Canal take the western side, to preserve separation.
One lock will probably be necessary in this length to adjust the water level to pass under Great Western Way.

The road crosses here on a fine wide bridge which could easily provide separate channels for the Canal and the river. Being worked on when the picture was taken. Normally, you can cross the road under this bridge.


There are no independant water supplies on this length.


Since you are passing under Sainsburys, you could stop for a cup of tea and a wad in their restaurant, and buy a bottle to take back to the boat.

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