This section is within the "Wichelstowe" development of Swindon's former "Front Garden" and is being built by developers.

O.S. Reference:133827(?) to 152822
Height of water level A.O.D.:



A completely new section. Work has started within the new "Wichelstowe" development

The exact location of Swindon Cross is not yet known.


Here is the developers' site map as at March 2011.

Looking east; the northern wall of the cut has been built, but the channel has not yet been dredged.
The road in the distance may be Hay Lane - it was too muddy ito investigate!
The current westernmost road bridge.
I will have to work harder and find out the name of the road over the top.
Roadsign, on the road above the bridge.
Confusing, or what?
The lock, from the current easternmost road bridge.
The graffiti seem to have preceded the development.
The tail of the lock; fiercely fenced off at the moment.
This is the first complete lock on the Canal, with gates, paddle gear - the lot.
Nicely built quadrants, too. We've got a few of them to build on the other locks!
Does the lock have a name yet?
Is this the first lift from the existing main line?
The head of the lock, showing the ground paddle arrangement.
There is even a rack for the stop planks, with a stop plank in it; another first on the Canal.
The vandals are going to love this!
The forebay of the lock, showing fairly complicated water management arrangements.
It looks as if there may be a back-pump included.
A little way up the Canal is an aqueduct, which appears to cross some of the drainage works for the site.
The next bridge.
The towpath here doubles as a bridleway, which crosses the Canal on a steel bridge which can be seen in the distance.
The towpath along here seems to have an appropriate name.
I have yet to find Spade Walk or Barrow Run.
Looking east from the current easternmost bridge - in fact a view of Mattocks Path.
Under the easternmost bridge, looking west.
This is the current head of navigation.

Note the narrowness of the channel - a bare 7' (I hope!); bridges on the historical line have a 10' channel width.
Looking east from a little bit further east.
The land rises here; I do not know whetger the Canal will go into a cutting here, or whether they will put in another lock.
My guess would be for a cutting, to ease getting under the numerous roads in this area.
We are not far from A361 Croft Road here.
A little way further east, at the top of the slope; the parh fades out and Croft Road is behind the trees in the backround..


This being a flood area, and since various lakes and other works have been constructed to control the flooding, I guess provision will be made to water the Canal from these sources.


There must surely be at least one pub in the new development.....mustn't there?

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Updated 26.12.2011