This section is on private land. However Bremhill Grove Bridge is crossed by a public footpath.

Length: 1.375 km/
O.S. Reference: 969746 to 978756
Water level height A.O.D.: 60.41m


  • Stream enters 969746
  • Drainage cut in towpath 979747
  • Bremhill Grove Bridge   973749
  • Stream crosses Canal 974751
  • Milestone 11 976752
  • Charlcutt Hill Bridge 978755


What Jack Dalby said in 1985.
"...Bremhill Wick Bridge site at 969746. Beyond 350 metres has been filled as far as 972748. A public footpath crosses at 974749 the site of Bremhill Grove drawbridge. The bed is then clear up to the site of Foxham Arch Bridge at 982773 passing the site of Charlcutt Hill Bridge 978756 with its large unexplained basin by the road..."

Section explored 22.3.1995.
A stream enters the Canal from the south east, running parallel to the road.
For 150 metres the bed has been narrowed, and carries this stream. The towpath, on the west side, is on a small embankment and is heavily overgrown. The channel is separated from the field on the east by a single strand barbed wire fence.
At 970747 the stream turns west and leaves the Canal.
There is a farm crossing at this point. The bed is then filled for 270 metres to the next field boundary.
From here to Charlcutt Bridge the Canal is unfilled and contains considerable water (March 1995). It is on a small embankment for most of this length. The towpath for much of the length is overgrown but can be followed with difficulty. The towpath hedge shows signs of having been laid a number of years ago.

At 973749 is Bremhill Grove Bridge; as complete a lift bridge as you are likely to find. All the brickwork appears to be there, will need rebuilding in the normal way. It is decked with a wooden deck, rotting but still firm. Looks as if it could almost be lifted. The holes for the beams can be seen. Probably originally 10' wide. This is a public footpath crossing.

At 974751 a stream crosses the Canal, entering from the east through a pipe under a farm crossing between two fields and exiting on the west through a deep cut through the embankment.
In the last field before Charlcutt Bridge the towpath hedge has mostly been removed and the towpath incorporated in the field.
Charlcutt Bridge has been lowered and infilled, and piped through with 3 30" diameter pipes in a massive concrete headwall. A small rise in the level of the road will probably be necessary when the bridge is rebuilt. Traces of the stone training walls can be found.


A public footpath crosses the Canal at Bremhill Grove Bridge.


Two streams enter the Canal, one immediately north east of Wick Bridge and one at 974751.
The OS map shows a further one at 971747 which needs investigating.
All these originate on higher ground and may be usable as water supplies.


The first field length could be dredged using our own resources at minimum cost, provided the spoil can be placed on the adjoining field.
An accommodation bridge will probably be necessary at 970747.
Spillways may need to be provided at 970746 and 971747.
Bremhill Grove Liftbridge will need its brickwork rebuilt with its original bricks, and a new deck and lifting mechanism.
Charlcutt Bridge will need replacing by a slab bridge. A slight rise in the road level will probably be necessary.


None within a reasonable distance.

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