There is no public access to any part of this section, and we have no permission to work.

Length: 1.55km/0.96 M
O.S. Reference: 945716 to 958722
Height of water level A.O.D.: 55.81m (estd.)
  • Derryhill Wharf(?)
  • Forest Gate Lock - New 8'9" (probably)
  • Causeway (disused) 949718
  • Pudding Brook Culvert
  • Ditch enters from NE 954720
  • Ditch enters from west 957721
  • Studley Bridge 958722


What Jack Dalby said in 1985.
"...apart from the A4 crossing at Forest Gate, 946716, the infilled Studley Bridge at unfilled...."

The road crossing was just east of the Saab garage.
The line is infilled for the first 10 yards or so, the roadside verge and hedge, but beyond here the line is unfilled. Forest Gate New Lock will be in this area.
The Canal passes in front of some farm buildings and is crossed by the access track to the farm, on infill. It is assumed an accommodation bridge will be needed here.
From here to Pudding Brook Culvert, apart from a causeway which was once a farm crossing, but now appears to be disused, the Canal appears to be unfilled and in reasonably good condition, but very heavily overgrown.
At Pudding Brook Culvert, the Canal is blocked by a bund on the south side of the culvert, and holds water.
The culvert itself is a disaster, completely dug through and no traces visible. The Canal to the north drains into it.
The Canal is on a low embankment from here, which becomes level and then a cutting to Studley Bridge, in fairly good condition but very overgrown and has been subject to some fly-tipping. Some large trees may need to be removed.
Two ditches drain into the Canal along this length, which may provide a small supply of water. Otherwise they will have to be culverted under the embankment.
Approaching Studley Bridge, the Canal is in a cutting and there appears to be enough headroom to reinstate the bridge at grade.


The Canal crosses the road at Studley Bridge between the 55 and 60 metre contours. Very few problems on this section.
We have no permission to work on this length.
This is one length where it might be appropriate to clear the towpath first, and establish it as a permissive footpath; it is cut off from the farmland by thick vegetation and could be done with virtually no disturbance to the farmer. A temporary bridge would be needed at Pudding Brook.


The section appears to be fed by two field drains, which might keep it watered in isolation in the winter months but they dry out in the summer.


Apart from the Lyseley Arms on the M4, none in the vicinity.


There are no rights of way on this section of the Canal.

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