Sections under restoration are shown in blue

Sections 1-4  The Melksham Waterway
Section 5    Melksham to Bewley Common Road Crossing
Section 6     Lacock Wharf Bridge to Reybridge
Section 7    Pewsham: Reybridge to A4 Forest Gate
Section 8    Studley: A4 to Studley Bridge
Section 9    Stanley Section: Studley Bridge to Stanley New Bridge
Section 10  Studley Wick: Stanley New Bridge to Wick Bridge
Section 11  Bremhill: Wick Bridge to Charlcutt Hill Bridge
Section 12  Cadenham: Charlcutt Hill Bridge to Foxham Bridge
Section 13  Foxham: Foxham Bridge to City Bridge
Section 14  City Road Bridge to Dauntsey Bridge
Section 15  Dauntsey Bridge to Sodom Lane
Section 16  Sodom Lane to Bowd's Bridge
Section 17  Bowd's Bridge to Trow Lane
Section 18  Trow Lane to Tockenham Bridge
Section 19  Tockenham Bridge to A3102 at Vastern
Section 20  A3102 to Breach Lane
Section 21  Dunnington: Breach Lane to Marlborough Road
Section 22  Wootton Bassett:Marlborough Road to Chaddington Lane
Section 23  Studley Grange: Chaddington Lane to Hay Lane
Section 24/25  Wharf Road: Hay Lane to the M4 Crossing Crossing
Section 26  West Leaze and Kingshill: M4 to Kingshill Road
Section 226a  Wichelstowe: Swindon Cross to Croft Road
Section 27  A361 Croft Road to A419
Section 28  Croft Road to Acorn Railway Bridge
Section 29  Acorn Railway Bridge to Lowerfield Farm Crossing
Section 30  Lowerfield Farm Crossing to Shrivenham Arch Bridge (B4000 Station Road)
Section 31  Shrivenham Arch Bridge to Stainswick Lane
Section 32  Stainswick Lane to Old Wharf Road
Section 33  Old Wharf Road to Railway Crossing
Section 34  Railway Crossing to Uffington Bridge
Section 35  Uffington: Uffington Bridge to Uffington Arch Bridge
Section 36  Uffington Arch Bridge to Kingstoncommon Bridge
Section 37  Kingstoncommon Bridge to New Road Bridge
Section 38  Childrey: New Road Bridge to West Challow
Section 39  West Challow to East Challow
Section 40  Stockham: East Challow to Stockham's Bridge
Section 41  Stockham's Bridge to Mably Way
Section 42  Elms Farm: Mably Way to Grove Bridge
Section 43  Grove Bridge to Grove Park Bridge
Section 44  Grove Park Bridge to Ardington Railway Crossing
Section 45  Ardington Railway Crossing to Cow Common Lane
Section 46  Drayton: Cow Common Lane to the A34
Section 47  Abingdon: A34 to the Thames

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