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Vector Gaming Forums A growing forum to discuss anyhing to do with Vectors including the Vectrex
rec.games.vectrex News group for Vectrex game system - operational since 1989 - if you canít find an answer to a question in the previous posts you can always post a new question.
www.vectrexmuseum.com Oliverís site - offers a good summary of Vectrex history plus lots of other information.
www.vectrexworld.com Jeroen Sandersís updated site (formerly vectrex.nl) - a very thorough Vectrex resource including downloadable binaries, original photos, reviews and news.
vectrex.wikia.com A place for all Vectrexians to gather to discuss the Vectrex
www.atarihq.com/vectrex Spikeís big page - a US website - includes news, message board and downloadables.
www.vectrex.de Helmut's site - German news blog for the Vectrex. Not German? Click here for the online translated version.
www.playvectrex.com Brett Walachís huge resource on the Vectrex including many "How toís" for modifying and building hardware. Doesnít seem to have been updated for some time but contains a lot of useful info.
www.playntradeonline.com/vectrex Andy Colemanís "The Ravenís Retro Nest" - author of Spike goes skiing and City Bomber. Also the creator of the 72:1 multicart. Does include general info on the Vectrex.
www.vectrex.com Chris Romero's site - A growing list of news and links related to Vectrex. Also the official home of the MailPlane binary