CD Viewer - Download
Thank you for your interest in the CDViewer program. Click the icon below to download a zip file containing the CDViewer.exe program, an example of the autorun.inf file required to go on the CD with the program and an example of the ImageList.txt file required for displaying information about the images. Download size approximately 31Kb.
Latest update 06/08/2006
  Release 1.3.2. A small fix to the viewer which caused a 'Runtime error 13 Type Mismatch' error when the PC's default language was set to certain non english languages. The language setting should no longer cause this error.  
  Windows 98 Users  

If you get a message saying 'runtime code error 13' when you try and run the CDViewer program, you have an old version of a windows system file called scrrun.dll, which is not compatible with the CDViewer program.

To solve this problem you can download a new version of the scrrun.dll from here (64kb), and once installed, the CDViewer program should run on you windows98 computer. (Note, this download is a zip file which includes a Microsoft Word document giving details of how to install the new file).

To view the installation details online, select either the word or pdf format document.

  Previous Versions (available for download should you require them)