Unselected Pomes

The following is a random collection of some of my poems since my student days. Some are better than others; many are too old for me to have any hope of rescuing them any longer. Still, this is the web: you get what you pay for. If you want just a feel, try Blencathra, Dante's Dream and Empties, probably my favourites. The groups are in reverse chronological order, though individual poems within the groups aren’t.

Mixed in are four sequences, Cumbrian Settings; Berlin Fountains; Stations: Fourteen Pairs of Half-Sonnets, There and Back; and assorted Clerihews, which count as a ‘sequence’ because I can't be bothered to sort them according to date. They are in no sense sequential, other than not being concurrent.

There are also brief notes to go with these poems.

Cambridge, etc., 1999–2013

Pisa: 1997–1999

Berlin: 1995–1997

Swansea: 1993–1995


Merseyside: 1990–1993

Oxford: 1984–1990

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The author enjoys asserting his moral rights under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act, 1988, and as he has now returned to the UK, does so with the greatest pleasure.

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