Other People’s Poetry

This site has long had a section containing my poetry. One Sunday it occurred to me this was a bit limited. Lots of other people have written poetry, and some of it is actually rather good. Why didn’t I spend a few minutes every now and then giving my own reactions to some poets I liked, particularly ones who were safely out of copyright? I also had an essay to make up for.

Here are the beginnings of that project. Each area represents a tiny, tiny selection from each poet, just enough so I can give my own reaction (though if you feel you are better off skipping that part, be my guest) without running into the standard web disease of ‘this page under construction’.

Each poem has my reactions to it. These are not the remarks or a professional critic or researcher, just my personal thoughts.

Thomas Hardy
Prolific poet, still better known to many people as a novelist, his forms and diction appear deceptively traditional, but they are part of his unique force.
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