Photos from CUSRC Punt Party 2005

Joy, Colm, Mike and the Trinity Hall punt before starting off from the infamous boat rollers.

On the riverbank

Peter G and Naomi loading the St Johns punt by the rollers.

Loading up

Colm propelling Joy, Moira and Mike on departure.

Getting underway

Peter G propelling Alison, Susan and Naomi who knows where.

Crowded river

Colm and Jacob engaged in a life or death struggle with bits of wood of various types while Peter G assists and Moira, Alison and Naomi take no notice.

Branches behind them volleyed and thunder, etc.

Colm, Jacob and Peter G upright, Joy, Moira, Alison and Naomi seated, someone going the other way, and you can see the Spanish Inquisition peeping through the trees.

Crowded river

Going clockwise (otherwise they'd crash, right?): Naomi, Joy, Susan, Alison, Peter G, Mike, Colm, Ed.

A star is born

Alison, Ed, Colm, Mike and bits of Susan going so incredibly fast they're blurred.

Going so fast

Alison explaining things to (L to R) Naomi, Ed, Susan, Joy, Peter G, Colm and Mike.

The Instructress takes over

Peter G, Joy and Colm with some passers by.

Passers by

The sun goes down.

As the sun goes down

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