The long awaited book by Terry R. Shaw is out!

   If you’re interested in stories about what life was like growing up in a small town in the fifties, ...
   If you’re interested in the story of the first one hundred years of Litchfield, Minnesota, ...
   If you’re interested in the history of every downtown building in Litchfield, Minnesota, ...
   If you’re interested in the story of the first successful open-heart surgery of its type, performed by Dr.           
     C. Walton Lillehei, the “King of Hearts”, on the author’s brother, ...  
   If you’re just looking for some good old-fashioned fun reading, in the spirit of Garrison Keillor’s “Lake
     Wobegon”, ...
  then this is the book for you.

Dennis, Terrance, Patrick and Michael Shaw.  Another rare time when the four boys were cleaned up, dressed up and had their hair combed.  

partially told before in another book and on a documentary TV series.  Secrets are revealed and pasts are uncovered.  The tales told are of the many characters in town and the tragedies and triumphs, legends and laughs that changed and enriched their lives.

The History of     Downtown Litchfield: The First 100 Years
uncovers unknown facts and adds to known facts about the people and the buildings of the small central Minnesota town.   Do you know where Litchfield’s first

store was?  How about the first house?  Did you know that there were nine different locations for the Post Office in the town?  The son of what famous person designed the present Post Office?  Who was Litchfield named after and  

what did his initials, E. D., stand for?
Read about mobsters, “ladies”, speakeasies, scandals and suicides.  Pick a downtown building and read its entire history in Litchfield’s first one hundred years.  

Over 2600 individuals are written about and over 350 photographs or illustrations, many never seen or published before, accompany their stories.   This book will serve as a reference for historians for years to come.
For more information about Litchfield, visit websites and

The Grand Army of the Republic or the G.A.R. Hall
A national treasure located in Litchfield is the G.A.R. Hall, which is connected to the Meeker County Historical Society building.

An entire chapter of Terry Tales
is devoted to the story of this wonderful building and its original Civil War soldier members, including a black Union soldier who made Litchfield his home.  The Hall is one of only two remaining in the U.S.  The building it is connected to was the author’s second home

for a year while he researched the histories of the downtown buildings.   
If you can’t make a personal visit to the Hall, visit its website at .

Terry R. Shaw was born in Mankato, Minnesota in April of 1945 but he grew up in Litchfield from the age of two years old and on.  He has a Bachelor of Arts from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design and a Bachelor of Science from St. Cloud State.  He taught art in Glencoe, Minnesota for twenty-five years and was a full-time substitute teacher in the Willmar, Minnesota schools for six years before retiring.  He has played drums in various rock bands steadily since 1963, except for his two-year stint in the Army.  Two of those bands were with his brother Mick.  The most known of those two was called Shaw-Allen-Shaw.  Terry has written over eighty songs and two other books, one about the Beatles and one about Buddy Holly, which are on the Internet.   They can be found at:


Buddy Holly:

Terry R. Shaw,
once again cleaned up and dressed up with his hair combed.

Terry Tales
is the true story of a single mother forced to raise four little boys on her own in a small town in the fifties.  Read the complete story about this woman’s son who had a history making surgery only

Terry Shaw visits the house at 222 Swift Avenue North in Litchfield where he grew up.

Helen Shaw and her four boys, Mickey, Pat, Terry and Dennie, just home from church.

Sibley Avenue, looking south, in about 1870.

Sibley Avenue, looking north, in about 1930.

The Hall is located across from Central Park at 308 Marshall Avenue North.

Terry Tales is now on sale at the Meeker County Historical Society building (the G.A.R. Hall) in Litchfield, Minnesota and selected stores, such as Sibley Antiques, in town and neighboring towns.  Also you can find it at or write to Terry R. Shaw at
or at 1601 15th Avenue SW, Willmar, Minnesota 56201.