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Hi there, and welcome to my little space on the WWW for amateur radio. I have been away for a while and have only recently got back into things. The links on the left give some other pages about me and amateur radio.


I originally started as a short wave listener in 1978 as ARS43474 .The RSGB used to issue SWL calls for folk like me! The A meant that I was just a boy! It all started as a result of an interested physics teacher in school. Unfortunately, I cant remember his callsign. That was Eastwood High School when it was a senior secondary. They had an amateur radio club in those days with a shack away up at the top of the school. There are a few of my listener reports here.


In 1980 I passed my RAE at the Glasgow Nautical College and became GM6AWE. There are one or two QSL cards here.


Morse took ages but I eventually passed the test in Ayr and became GM0IVQ in 1990. Not many QSL cards done so far! Click here to see one or two. There are more in a set on Flickr (click here for them)







Lat, Long : 55 47 N, 4 17 W

IARU Locator : IO75US


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Experimenting with SSTV

I have been trying out some of the data modes recently. Here are some of the most recently received SSTV images on 14.230MHz. I have been using Digital Master 780. This is part of the Ham Radio Deluxe suite. The images are automatically uploaded by ftp as they are received.

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There are more images here.

Find out more about SSTV here or at the Wikipedia page .

There is useful article from QST that you can get in pdf by clicking here .


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last updated 23rd May 2009