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Suprisingly, London one of the greenest capitals in the world is great for bees to go about their business making honey. 
Quality is excellent.  London honey has won prizes beating entries from across the world!

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Beehives in Kings Cross and South London managed using natural methods.
No chemicals, antibiotics or sugar feeding for these bees!

Each box of combs is individually graded, extracted, cold filtered and packaged, preserving seasonal variety, taste and aroma.


Orlando Clarke was introduced to beekeeping in 1998 by Henry Klobuch a Polish beekeeper.  Henry passed away the following year and Orlando inherited the hives.  At that time UK bees were under attack from a new pest, the varroa mite, which killed 75% of the UK's honey bee population.  Most beekeepers in the UK used organo-phosphate chemicals to control this new pest.  Orlando decided to research non-chemical methods to control the mites, including breeding from those bees which exhibited resistance. 
Today  he is one of the few beekeepers to use no chemicals or artificial feeding in his hive management regime, giving you
Pure London Honey.


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Frog on the Green - Nunhead
Petersham Nurseries - Richmond
Sopers Fishmongers - Nunhead
Blackbird Bakery - Herne Hill
Basic Wholefoods - Camberwell
MacFarlanes Delicatessen - Clapham
East Dulwich Deli - East Dulwich
Beamish & McGlue - West Norwood


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