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Currently, I've only got one Round the Bend related sound file, and to be honest, I'm not too sure where it came from. I think it may have come directly from the guy who composed it, but as I say, I'm not sure. If you believe the sound file is yours and do not wish it to be hosted on this website then contact me and I will remove it a.s.a.p.

Round the Bend Theme Tune
(MP3, 128kbps, 2Mb)

This tune sounds vaguely familiar to me, and I certainly remember the animated intro that went with it - boy eats breakfast, gets comic out of letterbox, goes to the toilet with it, and then the camera goes down the toilet and 'round the bend' really quick loads of times until the green slime splatters on the screen with the words 'Round the Bend' - see above!

If you've got any more sounds, or videos for that matter, of Round the Bend, contact me and I'll see if I get get them on the site.

If you need an MP3 player to play this sound file, I recommend Sonique from Lycos, at

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