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This is a picture of the box for the 'Round the Bend' spinoff game for the ZX Spectrum, featuring all of our favourite puppets from the show.

Clockwise from Top Right: Doc Croc, Vaudeville Vince Vermin, Jemima Wellington-Green and Louschetti Brouschetti (aka Lou Brush).

In terms of Round the Bend memorabilia, this is probably one of the best purchases ever... I spotted it in a mail order catalogue, and send off for it. A few days later, I got my dusty old ZX Spectrum down from the attic and waited the obligatory 15 minutes for the game to load, but I was slightly disappointed as the game turns out to be one of the hardest things I've ever tried to play!

There was no need to be too down-hearted however, as with the game came a A3 'Doc Croc' poster and the instruction manual was littered with some cartoons that were regularly featured in the show.

I've just remembered how Doc Croc used to whack Vince across the face with his tail. Hehe.. memories! kindly let me use some of their pictures on this site:

The Round the Bend Logo 'as seen on TV' A 'post-whack' Doc. Croc.
Doc. Croc and Vince Vermin Doc. Croc and Lou Brush
Some pics from the many cartoons featured in the show.
John Potato's Newsround! And Jemima Green. Not quite sure what she's doing!

There's some comics from Round the Bend below:

Disclaimer: Comic Material from the "Round the Bend! TV Special 1990" published under exclusive license by Fleetway Editions Limited (formerly Fleetway Publications Limited).

Pzycho the Magnificent - Fishing
1024x651, 143Kb

Pzycho the Magnificent - At the Beach
1024x661, 155Kb

John Potato's Newsround
663x787, 120Kb

David Colemole's STAR interview
640x801, 110Kb

Tommy's Magic Time Trousers
1024x614, 141Kb

Cosmic Comprehensive - Football
685x834, 156Kb

Game Manual - This contains info on loads of Round the Bend Characters
685x1966, 157Kb

Back of the Game Box - has screenshots
791x1050, 174Kb

If you've got any more pictures of Round the Bend, please send them to me, thanks!

(c) 2002 Thomas Orger.