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During one of those nostalgic trips down memory lane that I often find myself having (quite disturbing really, considering i'm only 17!), I remembered this TV show that would frequently have me and my friends in hysterics every week. Then it's series would end, and there would be some tragic piece of TV rubbish on for 6 weeks or more, and then to our great joy, Round the Bend would return to the screen!
However, one day, we rushed home from school, only to find, to our horror that Round the Bend was not on! Even worse than that, it never came back on!

Although I did not know it at the time, the show was allegedly cancelled by Mary Whitehouse, a rather mad old woman hell bent on cleaning up television and destroying anything worth watching in the process.

Once I'd remembered Round the Bend, I then set to the web to try and find out some information about it, but numerous web searches returned nothing interesting, but a large amount of stuff about Bend, in Oregon, U.S.A.!

A couple of months later, I discovered the wonders of Usenet Newsgroups, and posted the following message on uk.media.tv.childrens, hoping to get a reply:

Hi, all.

I'm new to this group but I wonder if you could help me.
I'm looking for information (websites, videos, anything really) about 'Round
the Bend', which was a kids TV show broadcast on C.I.T.V.  in the early
1990's. It's main character was a big green (man in suit) crocodile called
Doc Croc, and the whole show was set in the offices of a comic which were
located in the sewers - you may remember the animated title sequence which
took you flying down the toilet... yes, the show had a pretty baseline sense
of humour.
Other characters included the rat artist Lou Brush, and 'John Potatoes

I believe the show was axed when a new head of childrens entertainment was
brought in at ITV, because it was too rude (and if I remember rightly, it
was incredibly rude, but I was only 6 or 7 so it's probably tame now!)

Does anyone remember this, and if so, does anyone have any more info about
them, because numerous web searches have returned nothing except info about
a tie-in ZX Spectrum computer game which I already have in the attic anyway.
I would really love to see this show again, cause it was my absolute
favourite TV show when I was a kid and frequently had me and my friends
rolling round the living room in fits of laughter, and I just want to see if
it still has that effect!



For a change, people decided to respond to one of my posts :-), and I found out some things about Round the Bend that I'd either forgotten or never knew in the first place, and thats when I decided to make this site, so that other people who also remember Round the Bend, can finally find out about the show.

Click the links at the top left of the page to find out more about Round The Bend, see some pictures or listen to sounds.

(c) 2002 Thomas Orger.