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Liber (IX) E (Exercitiorum) (MTP pg 370-372)

Asana Sitting

Pranayama Breathing

Dharana Mind/ Meditation

Assumption of the God forms

Liber (CLXXV) Astarte (MTP pg 390-404)

Rosy Cross in Hebrew

Rosy Cross in Enochian

Picture of Rosy Cross

Enochian Alphabet (GD pg 652)

Brief History + Meanings + The 4 Watch Towers (GD pg 624-630)

WatchTowers (GD pg 630-635)

Seals (GD pg 657)

Enochian - Rituals (as below)

Enochian Aura Cleansing Cross

Lesser Banishing / Invoking Pentagram Ritual

Lesser Banishing / Invoking Hexagram Ritual

Greater Banishing / Invoking Pentagram Ritual

Greater Banishing / Invoking Hexagram Ritual

Liber (CCCXII) A (Armorum) - (MTP pg 435)

Make dagger + do Ritual

Call of the 30 Aethyers in Enochian (GD pg 681-2)

Aethyers -

BAG - Cry of 28th

ZAA - Cry of 27th

Meditations - Liber (CCCXLI) HHH (MTP pg 362)

Liber MMM Basic Yoga work + Tree work

Liber AAA Life and Death - Rebirth


Ritual Practices for Grade of Zelator


Liber (CXX) Cadveris

Liber (DCLXXI) Pyridos (MTP pg 410) 

Liber (XXVII) Trigrammatron (MTP pg 217) 

Liber (CCVI) RV Vel Spiritus (MTP pg 405)

Liber (CCXX) L Vel Legis (The Book of The Law)

Liber (DCCCXIII) Vel Ararita (MTP pg 227)