LIQUID ASSETS by Janet Smith - "the bible of lido history"

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Janet Smith
Liquid Assets - the lidos and open air swimming pools of Britain
London, English Heritage / Malavan Media, July 2005
ISBN-10: 0954744500
ISBN-13: 978-0954744502
paperback, 160 pp.

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To speak to the author, Janet Smith, please contact Jackie Spreckley or contact the publisher Malavan Media.

The book contains no Index, so I compiled an Index to places (PDF).


The book includes Case Studies on:



In addition the following pools are Featured:

Fellow’s Pool, Emmanuel College, Cambridge 1690
Peerless Pool, London 1743-1850
Cleveland Baths, Bath 1815-1984 (reopenable)
Clifton Pool, Bristol 1850 (reopened as The Lido)
Banbury Baths (proposed in 1855)
Southampton Baths 1853-1977
Pells Pool, Lewes 1860
Serpentine, London (Swimming Club 1864)
Cirencester Pool 1870
King’s Meadow Baths, Reading 1879-1974 (reopenable)
Burlington Street Free Open Air Baths, Liverpool 1895-1940s
Highgate Ponds 1920s
Hampton Pool, 1922
Prestatyn Bathing Pool 1923-?
London Fields Lido 1932-1988 (reopened 2006)
Ingleton Pool 1933
Chagford Pool 1934
Hathersage Pool 1934
Droitwich Spa Lido 1935-2000 (reopened 2007)
Greenbank Pool, Street 1937
Charlton Lido, London 1939
Oasis, London 1946
Arundel Lido 1960

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See also the webpages from the publisher and from English Heritage.

Purchasing second-hand copies of "Liquid Assets":

1. Amazon UK has copies for around £45.

3. AbeBooks UK, or in the USA has copies quite often.

The publisher Malavan Media in London no longer has any copies for sale.

Oliver Merrington 
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