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With photographs and grateful assistance of Jonathan Whiteland and David Rolls.

1) below the Hoe Road, Plymouth

Below the Hoe Road there are a variety of different concrete formations, including beach huts, undercover sitting areas, outside sun-bathing areas, diving boards and three tidal pools - in addition to the huge 1935 Tinside Lido, see below - now being redeveloped. There are also apparently Beach Huts available for hire on the Hoe foreshore.

aerial photo

diving boardsThe amazing Diving Boards (located near number 2 above).
Photo: Jonathan Whiteland (click on pic for larger image)

Of the tidal pools...

pool 2 number 1. (on photo above) "The first was right next to Tinside Lido just outside the fence. In the main part it was about 2 metres deep, but there was also a shallow part for toddlers separated by a concrete divider."
This was the Ladies Bathing Place many years ago.
This pool has now been built over to form the sunbathing area for the new lido.
Photo (July 2002): David Rolls

pool 3 number 2. The second is next to the diving board (which according to Steve Johnson is called Piskey's Pool)
Photo: David Rolls

pool 4number 3. The third is the deepest one of the three and people jump into it from higher rocks. It was being used for that very purpose while I was there." [David Rolls, July 2002]
Photo: David Rolls (click on pic for enlarged image)

pool 4 againnumber 3. Another photo taken at high tide. You can also see another diving board in use. This diving board is visible on an old photo of Plymouth Pier.
Photo: Jonathan Whiteland (click on pic for larger image)

There is also the Mens' Bathing Place

mens bathing placenumber 4.This structure (?date) once with a glass roof, is just below the Citadel and Marine Biological Association building - I don't know how much it is used for swimming these days.
Photo: Jonathan Whiteland

2) Devil's Point

There is also an elegant tidal pool at Devil's Point, at the end of Durnford Street, Stonehouse, Plymouth.
Photo: David Rolls

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Compiled by Oliver Merrington, May 2003, updated December 2004.