Extreme lidos - a Lidos FAQ

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Oldest Outdoor Pool

Still open: sea-water Lymington (1833)
freshwater Lewes (1860)

Closed, but extant: Cleveland baths, Bath (1814)

Demolished: Peerless Pool, London (1743)

Most Recent

Chudleigh Swimming Pool, Devon (built 1997)

Highest Attendance in one day

Finchley Lido (1931-1992) - 11,962 on 11 July 1971

Highest Attendance in one year

Larkswood Lido (1936-1987) - 290,400 (1959 season)

New Brighton Bathing Pool (1934-1989) - almost 1 million in 1934

Largest Pool

Still Open - Penzance - 330 x 240 feet (but is triangular), London: Tooting Bec Lido - 300 x 100 feet
Lymington: Seawater Baths - 295 x 100 feet
Cambridge: Jesus Green Pool is also 300 feet long

Largest volume: Aldershot Lido - 1.5 million gallons

Whipps Cross Lido (1937-1983) was the largest in London (300 x 130 feet, with a 63 feet diameter semi-circular diving area)

Cleethorpes Bathing Pool (1928-1981) - 400 x 200 feet (over 2 million gallons)

Largest Site

Still open: Aldershot Lido - 10 acres

Larkswood Lido (1936-1987) and Finchley Lido (1931-1992) - both 7 acres

Largest in Europe

Freibad Brentano - 220 metres long and 60 metres wide, with a surface area of 11,000 square metres - in Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Deepest Pool

Hilsea Lido (15 feet)

Ipswich: Broomhill Lido (also 15 feet, but currently closed)

Most Northerly

Stonehaven (heated, completely artificial)

Wick (seawater tidal)

Most Southerly

Havre des Pas Swimming Pool, Jersey

Most Easterly


Most Westerly (and Smallest!)

Normandy Pool, Isles of Scilly (only 14.3m long)


Brynamman (Adult 85p in 2004)

Most expensive (all day ticket)

London: Brockwell Park (5 in good weather)

Aldershot (4.80)

Chelmsford (6.20, but includes indoor pool)

Highest Pool

Shap (approx 250m above sea level)

Longest Season (open for general public swimming)

Hampton, London (normally 365 days a year)

Oasis, Central London; plus the outdoor pools at leisure centres in Aylesbury and Burgess Hill (all year except Christmas)

Parliament Hill, London (normally open all year in the early morning)

Shortest Season

Hilsea Lido (24 July - 31 Aug 2004)

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