How do I decide which therapy to use?

Homeopathy has a very wide range of use because it is basically strengthening the whole person. It is most effective for functional conditions such as digestive disorders, hormonal imbalances, frequent viral infections, skin conditions, degenerative conditions. In many cases, while it may not be possible to cure the condition, the general state can be greatly enhanced and the person will feel more able to cope.

If you feel that you are toxic, for any reason, then the Aqua Detox will be an excellent place to start. This should have a similar effect to doing a detox diet and organ function will be improved.

For emotional imbalance either homeopathy or flower essences are useful.

Magnet therapy is useful for those who don't wish to talk in depth but do want to try something non-invasive.  It is especially helpful for joint and muscle pains. Always phone or email if you wish to have help in making this decision.

What are the conditions most likely to benefit from Aqua Detox?

Aqua Detox seems to be most helpful to those who feel toxic or run down. Those who are recovering from an illness, especially ME, seem to find it useful as it boosts their energy. People also comment on an improvement in rheumatic pain and skin conditions. If you have had an illness which needed drug treatment or have been exposed to contamination of any sort (eg aluminium, mercury) you may also benefit.

Do I get a reduction in fees if I have more than one therapy?

If you choose to have more than one therapy at the same time you will usually be offered a 50% discount on the second therapy.

I am on medication, will it affect my treatment?

This is not normally a problem. The only exception is that people on steroids often do not respond well to homeopathic treatment. All medication must be supervised by your doctor and any decision to reduce or stop medication should be discussed with him/her. There has been no evidence so far that any sort of medication is affected by Aqua Detox treatment but if you are worried about it then take your medication after your session instead of before.